Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fred Thompson surges into the lead in NC

Click here for complete results of our latest North Carolina Primary Tracking Poll.

Republican President

Thompson 37%
Giuliani 25%
McCain 14%
Romney 14%

Republican Governor

Graham 19%
Smith 13%
Orr 12%

Democratic President

Edwards 30%
Clinton 26%
Obama 22%

Democratic Governor

Perdue 34%
Moore 30%

Democratic Lt. Governor

Besse 9%
Dalton 9%
Dellinger 8%
Smathers 8%


Will Cubbison said...

I predicted a surge just like this.

Now to be 100% correct we should see a lot of stories about his actual record and positions and his support will plummet.

Anonymous said...

Fred is the only chance this nation has in 2008. Anyone else Rep or Dem, will certinally doom us all to political correctness.

Paul said...

What we need is Ron Paul. Someone who can bring the Republican party back to its senses.

Since when did conservatives trample on the constitution, start undeclared preemptive wars to enforce UN resolutions, and expand the entitlement system? Only since 2000.

70% of Americans are against this undeclared war, which has been going on longer than our involvement in WWII. By 2008, unless a miracle happens and Iraq becomes peaceful, no Republican will be elected if he supports the war. Only Ron Paul is against the war, and was against the war from the beginning, for the right reasons. He is correct when he points out the fact that we wouldn't even be able to put up a fight in Iraq without our borrowing of $3 billion a day from China. Our mounting national debt and the $60 trillion of entitlements the govnmt owes to the people is just going to be passed on to the next generation of America, and no one seems to care. Now we have Fred Thompson, a fresh face on the same tired positions, that republicans are clamoring to cling to, like the life boats surrounding the sinking Titanic.

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