Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Question Suggestions

The winners of our vote on where to poll this weekend were Iowa and Minnesota.

The Iowa poll obviously will be taken up mostly with questions about the Republican primary. Beyond the horse race stuff and favorabilities are there any questions you think we should ask of GOP primary voters that might help illuminate who they're leaning toward and why?

We'll also obviously do general election match ups for President and if you have any other Iowa question ideas send those our way as well.

In Minnesota who would you like to see us test against Amy Klobuchar? Obviously we will take a look at Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann for the general election for President as well as the primary. Any other question ideas for Minnesota?

Thanks as always for the suggestions.


Nancy Schaubhut said...

Don't bother with Klobuchar. She can't be beaten. Do a poll with Cravaack's seat.

Anonymous said...

Dayton redo

David Brauer said...

You gotta do the same-sex marriage amendment in Minnesota. Would suggest using actual text of the amendment:

"Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one
1.15man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?"

Anonymous said...

Please poll reaction to the marriage amendment in MN!

lloydletta said...

Ask about the anti-gay marriage amendment.

Anonymous said...

Please poll on the marriage amendment in Minnesota!

Anonymous said...

A question on the marriage amendment in Minnesota would be great. PPP nailed the gay marriage issue in Maine.

I sense it is closer than the Star Tribune poll but how much closer?

Anonymous said...

Poll on the favorability/satisfaction with GOP legislature. Buyers remorse a la WI & OH?

Andy Birkey said...

I'd also add my vote for the marriage amendment. And ditto on the exact language of the amendment.

jpmassar said...

What @David Brauer said. Absolutely use the exact wording if you can.

FogCityJohn said...

I agree with David Brauer. Poll the same-sex marriage constitutional amendment.

aaronklemz said...

MN: Poll the sentiment on Gov. Dayton's preferred budget (tax top 2% + cuts) vs. GOP budget (all cuts).

Anonymous said...

For Iowa, do the horse race question first.

Then ask a series of negative information-granting questions for each candidate. Ex:
"Are you aware that Mitt Romney has supported a health care mandate at the state level?"
"Are you aware that Newt Gingrich is thrice divorced?"
"Are you aware that John Huntsman praised Obama's ability in a letter to the president?"
"Are you aware that Tim Pawlenty pardoned a child molester to let him open a daycare center, and that man is now charged with molesting his daughter more than 250 times?" (see here)


And then after all those questions, ask a primary horse race question again.

The idea is that all of these are likely to be publicized during the campaign. Romneycare is much trumpeted already, for instance. The idea is to see how damaging these would truly be for their campaign (although ~60-70% say they wouldn't vote for a candidate that supported a mandate, that number will likely go down when they learn about Romney, as their base rallies around the flag.)

David Brauer said...

Er, cut-and-paste typo in that language! "one man and one woman." Though 1.15 man would be an interesting set-up.

Anonymous said...

Poll gay marriage in both Minnesota (use amendment wording), and Iowa (where it was recently legalized.)

Anonymous said...

Poll the MN gay marriage ban amendment please.

Sam said...

For Minnesota:

-Gov. Dayton's favorability among Minnesotans.

-Republican Legislature favorability is another question. Any chance Democrats will regain control of the legislature.

- I also recommend David Brauer question suggestion about gay marriage in Minnesota and using the actual text of the amendment question.

For Iowa:

-Branstad favorability.

-I'm curious if Iowans are happy with Republicans controlling the Iowa House of Representatives so their favorability would be another question.

That's it from me for now.

Anonymous said...

Three Presidential match-ups....

1) T-Paw Vs. Obama.
2) Bachmann Vs. Obama.
3) Jesse Ventura Vs. Generic Republican & Obama.

Anonymous said...

General questions:

Which energy industries should receive federal tax breaks: oil, ethanol, wind, solar, or none?

Do you support raising the eligibility age for Social Security?

Do you support raising the eligibility age for Medicare?

Anonymous said...

Ask about the Paul Ryan budget and see who favor/oppose it and who they support in the republican primary

Anonymous said...

Ask how Iowa voters feel about ethanol subsidies, since Pawlenty opposes them.

Anonymous said...

Glad other have already mentioned it but just wanted to add my vote to poll Minnesota about the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage that was recently passed by the legislature.

Anonymous said...

Amy Klobuchar vs Chip Cravaack
Amy Klobuchar vs Dan Severson (Announced Republican)
Amy Klobuchar vs Paul Kohls
Amy Klobuchar vs Chris Barden
Amy Klobuchar vs David Hann
Amy Klobuchar vs Charlie Weaver

Chuck said...

A lot of repeats here:

-Gay marriage amendment.
-Generic State House/Senate: DFL or Republican
-Remember to use the term "DFL" in your poll, so you don't sound like some outside poller from North Carolina! ;-)

-Branstad vs Culver rematch: Would Iowa want a re-do too? (I wonder, with a split Dem/House, if he's not protected, as he campaigned as a moderate)
-Gay marriage or recall the rest of the judges or something along those lines.

Stephanie said...

The marriage amendment has taken a lot of oxygen in Minnesota and you should certainly ask about it, but you can do more...
Both houses of the state legislature flipped dramatically last November. It would be good to look for buyers' remorse, if there is any: can either house be flipped back?
MN Republicans before the Pawlenty era were very moderate compared to the national party (to the left of Olympia Snowe): that standpoint's now represented by elderly ex-office holders such as former governor Arne Carlson, who has been in the news supporting Dems again (he endorsed Obama). What do people think of Carlson now? (Do voters under 40 even recognize his name?)

Dustin Ingalls said...

"Do a poll with Cravaack's seat."

We're not doing individual CDs in either state.

Anonymous said...

Please poll the MN gay marriage amendment.

Also poll Klobuchar vs. Bachmann or Pawlenty just for fun.

Anonymous said...


"Do you support or oppose reforming Medicare so that seniors receive a voucher to purchase health insurance on the private market instead of being covered by the federal government?"

"Would you vote for a candidate for president who supported a health insurance mandate at the state level, or not?" (Romney)

"Would you vote for a candidate for president who has been divorced, or not?" (Gingrich)

"Would you vote for a candidate for president who supported civil unions for gay and lesbian couples at the state level, or not?" (Huntsman)

"Would you vote for a candidate for president who is a Mormon, or not?" (Huntsman and Romney)

"Would you vote for a candidate for president who worked in President Obama's administration, or not?" (Huntsman)

"Do you think it is more important for Republicans to nominate a candidate who can beat President Obama or a candidate who is right on the issues?"

"Do you think it is more important for Republicans to nominate a candidate who has a lot of experience in government or a candidate who has a lot of experience in the private sector?"

"If you had a choice between a candidate who you really like personally but who could not beat President Obama and a candidate who you do not like as much but who can beat President Obama, which candidate would you caucus for?" (might speak to Palin's high favs but lower support)

And you have to ask the birther question.

Anonymous said...

Iowa basically now has 4 competitive CD's. Can you ask an overall 'which party are you going to vote for in your CD ?

Anonymous said...

See if there is the same sort of buyer's remorse with Dayton as there is with GOP governors elected in the midterms.

Check in on gay marriage in both states.

vs. Klobuchar test Michele Bachmann for sure.

Anonymous said...

Whose intentions do you trust more to work in the best interests of U.S. citizens - politicians or corporate CEOs?

Whose abilities do you trust more . . . etc.

Statistikhengst said...

Since the republican field for PREZ has shifted, I recommend that you poll Obama against SEVEN GOP candidates:

-Mitt Romney
-Tim Pawlenty
-Herman Cain
-Michelle Bachmann
-Sarah Palin
-Newt Gingrich
-John Huntsman

I know that it a lot of candidates, but the GOP seemed to think it could make a play for MN in 2008 and lost it by -10.34%, which is fairly logical as this state has gone 9 times in a row for the democratic candidate, 12 times out of 13 since 1960 and 17 times out of 20 since 1932. Nixon won this state in his massive 1972 landslide with only +5.51%. You have to go back almost 60 years in history, to 1952, to see a GOP lansdlide in liberal MN.

That being said, Obama's landslide in MN was LESS than his near historic landslide in neighboring WI, which surprised by very much.

So, it would be good to see the variance in Obama nailing these 7 candidates rear-ends to the wall.

Battleground state, my a**! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, the approval rating of two MN state senators, the ones who spoke out against the anti-gay marriage ballot, would be interesting to see.

NRH said...

David -

"Okay, let's review. To make everything legal, we need 20 women and 23 men. Each woman will marry one man, and then 18 of the women will 0.15-marry one of the three extra men, then the last two will 0.10-marry one of the three extra men each and 0.05-marry the last guy."

"That's too complicated! Can't we just get 100 women and 115 men, and then all the women marry 1/115th of each man?"

"No, wait, we're forgetting about polygamy. We need 20 women and 40 men. Each woman marries one man, and 0.15-marries another man."

"... The flagon with the dragon has the pellet with the poison, and the chalice from the palace has the brew which is true?"

Anonymous said...

I’d like to see some two-way tests for the GOP caucus: e.g. Romney versus Palin, Romney vs. Pawlenty, Romney vs. Gingrich, Romney vs. Paul. Is there really a not-Romney majority that could be consolidated by one of the actual or likely not-Romney contenders, and who would be able to bring it together? P.S. I’d like to see similar tests for some of the other early primary/caucus states when you get back to them, too.

Todd Dugdale said...

MN Legislature "do-over", Bachmann favourables, SSM amendment.

Bww said...

Given that 90% of the comments are on gay marriage, i assume that'll be there.

Opinion on taxes has to be in there somehow.

Dayton, Klobuchar, and Franken favorables.

Dan Severson, Dave Thompson, Chris Barden agaisnt Klobuchar. Maybe throw in a repbulican somebody's heard of too, like Emmer or Paulsen.

Eric said...

In Minnesota, can you poll Jesse Ventura's favorability ratings and head to head against Obama?

Mark B. said...

Frankly, there's nothing in the midwest that could interest me more than a Minnesota legislature generic ballot.

The traditionally rather liberal Democrats there (the DFL) have the governorship for the first time in twenty years, and I for one am more than eager to see whether the DFL has chance of taking the legislature in 2012, after the hard shift to the right in 2010 legislative election.

Perhaps you could ask about favorability of the Republican, Independence, and DFL parties. And of course, it will be interesting to see whether there is buyer's remorse for Dayton.

In Iowa, another divided government, I'd be just as curious whether there is buyer's remorse for Branstad. Both are important questions since I think only united Rupublican governments have been polled for buyer's remorse so far, save for NC.

Thanks for listening! :)

Anonymous said...

Minnesota is in the middle of a budget stalemate with a $5B deficit. Governor Dayton (D) wants a tax increase on the wealthiest 2% mixed in with some spending cuts, GOP majorities in the legislature prefer a cuts-only approach. The government will shut down July 1 of there is no agreement. Ask if people want legislators to compromise or want them to stay where they are and let the government shut down.

Anonymous said...

Test some matchups in the new Iowa Congressional seats! Especially the only two that are potentially in play: the new 3rd with Latham vs. Boswell and the new 4th with King vs. Christie Vilsack.

The Interesting Times said...

Find out if anyone wants to see Herman Cain's birth certificate...

Anonymous said...

Might be interesting to poll Jesse Ventura as an indie candidate for president. I believe he talked about it before a few times. I'd be curious to see whether he pulls more from Republicans or Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota Senate Race:
* Dan Severson - Former State Rep and 2010 GOP nominee for SOS
* Dave Thompson - assisstant House Majority leader
* Chris Barden - lawyer and 2010 GOP nominee for Atty. General
* Tom Emmer - 2010 GOP nominee for Governor
* Annette Meeks - 2010 GOP nominee for Lt. Governor

I know you can't poll all of these in the general, but there is the possible primary poll, so I named several.

Other Minnesota:
* Approval of Senators
* Dayton Approval
* Dayton/Emmer 2010 rematch

Thank you so much!!


Anonymous said...

For Iowa, potential 2014 Senate: Tom Vilsack vs Tom Latham

Anonymous said...

This is Pat again..

I forgot to mention former State Auditor Pat Anderson as a potential polling prospect. Maybe interesting. Sorry I had to post this seperately. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

You polled West Virginia last week. I saw the Governor numbers, but did you poll the Senate race?
Thank you!

Mark B. said...

Naturally, a re-do for governor would require including Independence Party candidate Tom Horner. I wonder if you should include them in a party ID question. I would, but you're the experts.

Anonymous said...

Gay marriage is an obvious subject in both MN and IA. However, I suggest the following approaches, which would put PPP head and shoulders above others who have polled on this issue:

- Ask both a 2-option and a 3-option question. One for whether there is support/opposition for same-sex marriage and the other asking respondents to choose b/t the 3 options of SSM, civil unions, or nothing.

- With respect to the 3-option question above, ask the respondents who selected the "civil unions" option how they would vote if only given SSM or nothing as options.

- Ask a further question, in addition to the above, that uses just the text of the MN amendment. IA would use the same text if it ever proposes such an amendment, so ask the same question in IA.

- Ask what the basis is for opposition to SSM. If necessary, have them pick from a list of justifications usually proffered by the anti-SSM side (injury to straight marriages/impact on public schools, etc).

- Ask about the salience of the SSM issue for voters

- Ask whether voters plan to vote Dem or Rep in races for the state House and state Senate

In IA only, ask:

- How voters plan to vote on the retention of one IA Supreme Court justice, which will be on the ballot in 2012.

- Inform the respondents that this justice was one of 7 who ruled on SSM in 2009. Now ask the question about the retention vote.

- Ask whether SSM has had a positive impact, negative impact or no impact on the respondent personally

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