Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Michigan/Virginia Question Suggestions

Michigan and Virgina were the easy winners of our vote on where to poll this week: beyond the obvious stuff what questions would you like to see us ask? Always appreciate the good suggestions.


Anonymous said...

This would be a trend questions

If elections for Governor were held today, would you be inclined to vote for a Democrat or Republican.

What is your favorable / unfavorable of the current Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Mark said...

For Michigan, questions on repeal of emergency manager law; recall of Gov. Snyder (versus Virg Bernero, John Cherry, and Gary Peters); support for Detroit bailout program; and opinion of whether Detroit bailout has been successful.

For Virginia, questions on support for high-speed rail and 2013 gubernatorial matchup (Atty. Gen. Cuccinelli, Lt. Gov. Bolling, Rep. Cantor, Tom Perriello, Terry McAuliffe, Brian Moran).

Jeff said...

For Michigan it'd be good to see if voters are more inclined to recall Snyder than they were before. For Virginia some potential Democratic gubernatorial picks could be Perriello and Connolly in addition to McAlliffe. Generic Congressional and legislative ballots for both states would also be good.

Anonymous said...

If it's possible - Please ask the participants about how they view civil unions & gay marriage (in relation to whether they approve of one over the other). Also, please ask them whether they would vote for a candidate who supports civil unions or gay marriage. Thanks for listening!

Sean Fitzpatrick said...

In Michigan, I'd be curious to see what percentage of the population wishes that the film tax incentives hadn't been repealed by Snyder.

VALiberaltarian said...

Virginia- Look ahead to 2013 and a potentially bitter GOP primary between Bolling and the Cooch.

Views of Eric Cantor, support as VP or even Presidential candidate?

Michigan- Views of the auto bailout.

Mister Sullivan said...

In Michigan poll the approval of the the Detriot bailout and perhaps the bank bailouts too to see the the differences.

celestus said...


"Some people think that manufacturing jobs can return to America under the right political leadership. Other people think that the global economy makes it too hard for many American manufacturing workers to compete. Do you agree with one of these views, or have you not thought about it?"

auto bailout good/bad decision

"Do you think that the state of Michigan should hold its Republican presidential primary as early as possible, or that the state should wait until later in the primary season?"


"If you are employed, which of the following best describes your employer: a for-profit company, a nonprofit company, an agency or department of the federal government, or an agency or department of the state or local government?"

some question designed to break down responses based on region

"Who did you vote for for President in 2008?"

Stephen Schmitz said...

In MI, in addition to job approvals/favorability ratings of President Obama, Gov Snyder, Sen Stabenow and Sen Levin and 2012 head-to-head matches, I'd also poll recall of Snyder, repeal of emergency takeover law, views on marriage equality/civil unions and views on success of auto bailouts.

In VA, in addition to job approvals/favorability ratings of President Obama, Gov Mcdonnell, Sen Warner and 2012/2013 head-to-head match ups, I'd also ask about views on marriage equality/civil unions, teacher tenure and education reform.

Anonymous said...

VA GOV '13: Dems-Periello, McAuliffe, Moran GOP- Cuchinelli, Bolling, Cantor

VA- Do approve of the job Cantor is doing as Majority Leader.

MI- Do you view Rick Snyder as a liberal, moderate or conservative?

VA- Generic State Legislative ballot.

Anonymous said...

I'd throw Mark Schauer in as a possible opponent to Snyder.

Anonymous said...

For Michigan you should ask how a candidate's position on the autobailout will affect the respondent's support or opposition to said candidate.

Several polls this year and last show Romney within a few points or tied with Obama in Michigan and it would be more informative to see how vulnerable Romney's support is to attacks on his call to "let Detroit go bankrupt".

jpmassar said...

Virgina (or both):

If a candidate for President favored a law legalizing same-sex marriage, would that make you more likely or less likely to vote for that candidate, or wouldn't it matter?

If a candidate for President favored a law making same-sex marriage illegal, would that make you more likely or less likely to vote for that candidate, or wouldn't it matter?

Anonymous said...

In both pls ask about gay marriage and in both presidential match up numbers. It would also be interesting to see gov numbers and generic ballots.

Anonymous said...

For Virginia, the potential McAuliffe-Cucinelli 2013 gubernatorial matchup. A question about same sex marriage would be good too.
A question about whether McDonnell would make a good running mate or even a candidate.

For Michigan, a question along the lines of whether Obama intervening to save GM and Chrysler makes voters less or more likely to vote for his reelection.

Anonymous said...

VA-Gov 2013: Bolling and Cuccinelli for the Republicans (do a primary poll if possible), McAuliffe, Perriello, and State Sen. Chap Petersen for the Democrats.

The Dalai Lama said...

With state legislative elections coming up in 2011 in Virginia, you should ask a generic legislature ballot question.

Also, for the 2013 governor's election in VA, poll these names:
*Lt Gov Bill Bolling
*AG Ken Cucinelli
*Fmr Rep Tom Perriello
*Fmr DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe
*DPVA Chair Brian Moran
*State Senator Chap Petersen

Andrew Carden said...

Test Terry McAuliffe vs. Ken Cuccinelli as a 2013 hypothetical.

Zathras said...

In Michigan, ask about the new income tax on retiree income.

Anonymous said...

In Virginia, it would be interesting to see how Sen. Houck (the Democratic State Senator with the reddest district) is doing.

Also, Tom Perriello for Attorney General.

Sophie said...

- Recall Snyder
- Have you signed a petition to recall Governor Snyder? (800,000 signatures are needed by August 5. So, roughly speaking, we need 22% to say yes, going by 2010 #s, or 14% by 2008 #s, for the petition to be on track to have a chance of success.)
- Support/oppose gay marriage (yes/no)

Pat H said...

Great choices! As always, all of the people I list are announced, or publicily considering. Thank you for the consideration!!

* Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra
* Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner John McCulloch
* Michigan State House Speaker Jase Bolger

Other Michigan:
* Possible recall of Snyder
* Snyder vs Bernero 2010 redo
* Legislative or Congressional Generic ballot

* Former Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen
* Activist Jamie Radtke

* Former Governor and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine
* Congressman Bobby Scott

Virginia Governor 2013:
* Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling
* Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

* Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe

Other Virginia:
* McDonnell approval
* Legislative generic - could Republicans take back the Virginia Senate as it is widely expected. Republicans already have the house, and are highly favored to get the Senate. Would be interesting!

Thanks again PPP!!!

sportsman885 said...

Ask if a Vice President Bob McDonnell would influence your vote for President.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see:

- Gov. Snyder recall question in Michigan (there is an effort underway to recall him, it would be interesting to gauge voters' opinion on that effort)
- Debbie Stabenow vs. Pete Hoekstra and Tim Kaine vs. George Allen (obviously)
- same-sex marriage (legal/illegal) and same-sex marriage/civil union/neither questions (not sure I've ever seen a poll in Michigan and the polls I've seen in Virginia have found conflicting results)
- generic congressional ballot in Virginia (is the state continuing to get bluer?)


knickelbein5 said...

Favorables/name rec on Tom Perriello for 2013.

Sophie said...

Suggestions for next national poll:

- Do you think Israel should bomb Iran in order to attack its nuclear weapons plan?
- If Israel bombs Iran, do you think the United States should support it militarily even if doing so means entering another war?

(Background: CIA agent thinks Israel will bomb Iran this fall.)

kewgardens said...

Stabenow v. Hoekstra

Support for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Paradox13VA said...

Virginia - Who do you think stands up for your interests, Republicans or Democrats? Who do you think represents your values, Republicans or Democrats?

Anonymous said...

test fav/unfav of:

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing

Anonymous said...

In VA - poll 2nd CD matchup between Rigell and Hirshbiel. Also, head to head between Bolling and McAuliffe.

The Interesting Times said...

In Virginia: Allen vs. Kaine, 2012 Republican Presidential primary, and 2013 McConnell reelect numbers.

In Michigan, Stabenow vs. Hoekstra, Snyder approval/reelect, and maybe check on the 2012 GOP Presidential primary again.

And Obama reelect numbers in both states, obviously.

Antonio said...

For Virginia:

Issue: Energy (uranium mining, offshore drilling, offshore wind, mountaintop removal, new coal plants)

Politician: Cantor & his approach to debt, Warner and his approach to debt

Elections: 2011 is legislative elections! Generic ballot for State Senate/House of Delegates

Thanks for polling the Old Dominion, I look forward to the results,

Richmond, Virginia

Statistikhengst said...

MI: definitely the GOP prez primary, and include RON PAUL in the works. He has a stronger following in MI than people know.

Also ask if voters in MI are more inclined to vote for Romney because of his family's relationship to this state.

VA: Polling fav/unfav of Cantor.

VA prez: you could put out a question: "Would an Obama/Warner ticket change your vote?".

Mark B. said...

Obviously, Snyder re-do and recall polls are in demand; and asking about the repeal of the Emergency Mangers law now that there is an active referendum campaign would be timely.

What I think deserves polling that is perhaps more commonly forgotten is the state legislative election in Virginia. It's this year!

Anonymous said...

Justin Verlander vs. Miguel Cabrera, AL MVP.

Anonymous said...

Warner numbers--including support for a presidential run in 2016--would be interesting. But at least approvals.

Something about Romney's "home state effect" in Michigan. Not sure how this could be tested, though.

Dustin Ingalls said...

"Justin Verlander vs. Miguel Cabrera, AL MVP."

Neither deserve it. Jose Bautista, unless he sits out the rest of the season, should win it in a walk. Great players, but more like 5th or 6th-place votes than 1st-place.

Alan Robinson said...

Virginia - add a demographic question Were you born or did you graduate high school in Virginia?

My sense is there is a discrepency between those born/went to high school in the state and those born elsewhere

Ask a weather question - Hot weather or snow

Anonymous said...

Lots of good suggestions. I'd like to see the buyer's remorse re: Obama question asked in both places. (Can be gauged by 2008 vote + 2012 generic vs. Obama.)

I like the civil union / gay marriage questions, I think the results are quite telling.

Agree particularly with the testing of McAuliffe vs. Cuccinelli. Favorables + head to head.

Anonymous said...

Can we get a climate change and same-sex marriage question in Michigan and Virgina, to compare the two?

Todd said...

How about polling a 3rd party candidate or 2 for President:

Ron Paul (LIB) and Bernie Sanders (IND) might shake things up a bit.

Anonymous said...

MI - the attack on collective bargaining rights for public sector workers - law just enacted by legislature & signed by Gov.

interesting to see if the more heavily (private-sector) unionized segments of state population results differ from the UP

Also - does this law affect a person's desire to recall/keep Gov. Snyder

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to prove that this particular poll used a biased sample:

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