Wednesday, July 13, 2011

National/New Jersey Question Suggestion Thread

This weekend we're going to do our monthly national poll and we're going to do a New Jersey poll. Please fire away with your question suggestions, particularly on who to test against Robert Menendez. Thanks as always.


Anonymous said...

Corzine vs Christie rematch
Christie approval which im sure u'll do

ask about Christie's union stripping bill

Christie vs Cory Booker
Christie vs Frank Pallone

The Interesting Times said...

You don't seem to be against testing the "unlikely" possibilities, so I suggest putting Menendez against Christie.

It could provide an interesting baseline for several scenarios.

Brandon K said...

Doherty and Kyrillos definitely for the senate race.

Approval of pension/health benefit reform bill.

Favorables of Steve Sweeney.

Andrew Carden said...

Sen. Menendez vs...fmr. Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. :)

wt said...

Anna Little v. Menendez; Kean v. Menendez; LoBiondo; Jon Runyan.

Would you vote to recall Senator Mendendez if such a question were placed on the ballot in 2011.

How about personal approval, rather than job approval, of Christie. Or both.

Please conduct some version of a GOP primary survey without Perry, Giuliani, or Palin.

Dem primary -- Sanders or Whitehouse vs. Obama.

Mark B. said...

Chris Christie Re-do!

celestus said...


Favorable/unfavorable opinion of Wall Street

Favorable/unfavorable opinion of public sector unions

"Should Chris Christie run for President as a Republican?"

"If the Republican candidate for President- whoever it might be- selected Chris Christie as his Vice-Presidential candidate, do you think you would be more likely or less likely to vote for the Republican candidate?"

Also, it's not clear from your post whether you are also soliciting national questions or are asking a standard fixed set. I figure it can't hurt to just post:

"Would you consider voting for a qualified Presidential candidate who shared your views on most issues, and was a Mormon?"

"Do you consider Mormons to be part of the Christian faith?"

"Do you think that the current state of the economy is being impacted more by the policies of President Obama or by the policies of former President Bush?"

"Some people think that the budget deficit- government spending being higher than taxes- is a major problem today. Which do you think is more important for the elected officials from the party you generally support to do: compromise with the opposing party in order to better solve the problem, or fight for important principles even if it makes solving the problem less likely?

Pat H said...

I think New Jersey is a great choice!! Thank you again!!

New Jersey:
* State Senator Joseph Kyrillos (Very close to Governor Christie and is the only one in the exploring phase)
* Businessman Woody Johnson (I think he owns the New York Jets)
* Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno
* State Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr.

* Christie vs Booker

Thank you PPP for considering my suggestions!

Robby S said...

How about Christie vs. The Boss??

DavidE said...


Do you favor or oppose Chris Christie's decision to cancel the Mass Transit Tunnel between New Jersey and New York?

(Note: Could be significant issue in 2012 senate election-Menendez is major supporter of tunnel.)

jpmassar said...

Last marriage equality poll I know of was in 2009.

With NY passing ME, good chance to see what, if any, impact that has had.

Mad Joy said...

I agree that Christie vs. Booker would be a lot of fun, as well as a Christie re-match.

I also agree that in the wake of NY's passing marriage equality (and polls finding popular support), it'd be interesting to poll NJ on marriage equality.

Also, how about approval of Christie's handling of state union workers? And how about his handling of the federal infrastructure money that he refused (and now has to pay back what was already taken?)

Anonymous said...

statewide approval #s on scott garrett

Anonymous said...

Poll a primary between Cory Booker and Bob Menendez.

Anonymous said...

Excited to see New Jersey survey, thanks so much for taking suggestions!

- Generic state legislature ballot, since New Jersey votes later this year for state legislators
- Same-sex marriage (legal/illegal); haven't seen numbers on this issue from New Jersey in a long time, and it's timely with the recent lawsuit that was filed in the state saying that civil unions weren't equal and the surge in the national dialogue on the issue after the legalization in neighboring New York
- Bob Menendez vs. Joe Kyrillos/Kim Guadagno/Thomas Kean Jr. for Senate

Rasmus said...

Who would win a Christie vs. Sweeney street fight?

Patrick said...

One I'm really interested in seeing that hasn't been mentioned yet:

How do you assign more blame to regarding the current debt ceiling crisis? Congressional Democrats+Obama, Congressional Republicans, both, neither, etc.

Also, haven't seen it mentioned yet, but Obama vs. Romney/ Obama vs. Bachmann.

Jeff said...

Polling generic state legislative ballot would be great to see if the GOP has any chance of winning either house this fall.

Also polling Corzine's favorables would be good to see if he has any shot at a come back would be fun. So would Sweeney's numbers since there is speculation about him trying for statewide office in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Christie vs. Springsteen would be epic

Argo Journal said...

1. Would former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani put New Jersey in play in a general election match-up against President Obama?

2. The New Jersey Sports Betting Amendment will be on the November ballot as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The proposed constitutional amendment would allow sports betting in the state of New Jersey.

Question: Do you favor or oppose making sports betting legal in New Jersey?

Anonymous said...

How about some head to head numbers and also questions about same-sex marriage? That would be my request.

Anonymous said...

Should New Jersey secede from the United States?

Anonymous said...

Definitely, test Lou Dobbs either as an independent, or a republican, against Menendez,and also Tom Kean Jr.. he could possibly beat him.

Anonymous said...

ask how big of a issue is property taxes

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