Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jim Neal vs. Elizabeth Dole

Getting right to it:

Dole vs. Neal
Dole 47%
Neal 32%

Neal performs similarly to other Democrats that lack statewide name recognition. His results are similar to Grier Martin, Kay Hagan and Jerry Meek. Dole is still below the 50% mark.

Bush Job Approval
Approve 36%
Disapprove 59%

Dole Job Approval
Approve 44%
Disapprove 41%

Bush and Dole fall a few points from last month.

Right-track/Wrong-track USA
Right direction 26%
Wrong track 67%

Right-track/Wrong-track North Carolina
Right direction 37%
Wrong track 47%

People feel significantly better about North Carolina than they do about the whole country, but neither is very positive.

Vote for Governor
Democrat 45%
Republican 38%

Vote for President
Democrat 44%
Republican 40%

As expected, the Democrats have an early advantage in the gubernatorial general election, but more surprisingly a generic Democrat continues to win for President in North Carolina. In May a generic Democrat was winning 47-42.

Complete results here.

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