Monday, October 8, 2007

NC Primary Tracking

Results from our October tracking polls are out. Click here for complete results.

Democratic President
Clinton 32%
Edwards 31%
Obama 20%

This is Clinton's second consecutive month in the lead over John Edwards. Obama was doing better in the spring, but has fallen into a clear third.

Republican President
Thompson 31%
Giuliani 20%
McCain 11%
Romney 11%

Giuliani closed the gap between him and Fred Thompson by 7% in the last month. Maybe North Carolina voters are picking up on the dud that is Fred Thompson’s campaign. McCain also went up 4 points, following a national trend.

Democratic Governor
Perdue 39%
Moore 29%

Perdue formally announced her candidacy on October 1 and we polled two days later. 39% is the highest she has been in our poll, but she has lead by 10 percent before. Not clear if this is a bump or a trend.

Republican Governor
Graham 19%
Smith 17%
Orr 11%

Is this the start of something? Fred Smith clearly gained a few points this month. This is the first time we have seen ANY movement in this race. There are still way too many undecided voters to determine anything.

Democratic Lt. Governor
Dalton 12%
Smathers 8%
Dellinger 7%
Besse 6%

Democratic Superintendent
Atkinson 32%
Davis 15%

Democratic Treasurer
Cowell 14%
Young 14%
Weisel 5%

Republican Treasurer
Daughtridge 20%
Folwell 13%

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