Monday, December 13, 2010

Minnesota Republican Numbers

Michele Bachmann is by far and away the first choice of Minnesota Republicans to take on Amy Klobuchar in 2012. 36% say they'd most like to see her as their Senate candidate followed by Tim Pawlenty at 20% and Norm Coleman at 14%. The rest of the folks named in the poll register in single digits- Chip Cravaack at 7%, Tom Emmer at 6%, John Kline at 5%, Laura Brod at 4%, and Erik Paulsen at 2%.

It's remarkable to see Bachmann do so much better than Pawlenty on that front, but it just goes to show how much more enamored the party's conservative base is with her than him. With moderates Pawlenty actually is the first choice, garnering 26% to 18% each for Coleman and Bachmann. But with conservatives she blows him out of the water, getting 42% to his 19% with Coleman at 14%.

Given how strongly Klobuchar polls this exercise is probably academic- her opponent seems likely to be someone a lot more low profile than either Pawlenty or Bachmann- someone who has nothing to lose by launching a long shot Senate campaign.

On the Presidential front in the state Pawlenty continues to lead but with a tepid 24%. For sake of comparison Mitt Romney polled at 47% in his home state two weeks ago. Sarah Palin is second in the state at 17%, followed by Mike Huckabee with 15%, Romney with 13%, and Newt Gingrich with 11%. Leading the second tier is Ron Paul at 9%, with John Thune at 3% and Mitch Daniels at 2%.

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Mike Robinson said...

Ok MB leads with R's for senate race. That makes sense as the R's are becoming more radical in their choices. However 40% of 30%(the approx % of MN that is R) is only 12% of the population. You will need a big cross party/independent to put up a fight let alone win the senate seat in 12.

MB is actually not taken too seriously except by the base of the base of the R's. I actually read a comment on some MB article that advocated state Governors activating the National Guard to prevent the implementation of the new health care initiatives via the IRS sanctions. So you see where the support is from.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota republicans must be real right wing extremists if they think this brain-dead idiot Michelle Bachmann would make a good senator. She is a sorry and disgusting representative, a psychotic liar and a fool.

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