Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Previewing Massachusetts

Tomorrow we're going to have our first look at Scott Brown's reelection prospects, showing how he would do in hypothetical contests against Mike Capuano, Stephen Lynch, Ed Markey, Vicki Kennedy, and Deval Patrick.

There's one set of statistics in the poll that says a lot about Brown. We asked folks whether they thought the GOP was too liberal, too conservative, or about right. 52% said the GOP was too conservative and only 32% said it was 'about right.' Then we asked the same question, but just about Brown. The numbers were an almost exact flip- only 33% said Brown was too conservative and 53% said he was 'about right.'

Brown won in January because he did a great job of making voters in the state feel that he was different from all the national Republicans they see dimly. So far at least he still seems to be passing on that front.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Democrats will have to let voters know who Brown really is. It will be disgusting if we have 2 more fake Moderates like Kirk and Brown around for the long term.

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