Thursday, January 27, 2011

NC wants to host DNC

As decision day comes closer and closer North Carolinians are unified: they want the 2012 Democratic convention to be held in Charlotte.

63% of voters in the state hope the DNC will be here next year to only 18% who are opposed to the idea and 19% who don't care either way. There's a bipartisan consensus for bringing the convention to the state. Unsurprisingly Democrats give it its strongest support, with 81% in favor to only 7% opposed. Independents are also overwhelmingly in favor it, by a 66/15 margin. Republicans are less sold on the idea but still have a plurality in support, 39/34.

In addition to there being support across party lines for the convention, there's also momentum well beyond the greater Charlotte region. Certainly that's where the desire to host the convention is highest at 68% but there's also very strong backing for it in the rest of the state- 67% in the Triangle, 62% in the Triad and the Mountains, 61% in the southeastern part of the state, and 57% in the northeastern part think it would be good for Charlotte to win hosting honors.

Public opinion probably isn't a big part of the site selection process but this much is clear: North Carolinians of all stripes will welcome the convention with open arms if Charlotte does indeed get the nod.

Full results here

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