Thursday, January 27, 2011

Statewide opinion on the Wake County School Board

Most North Carolinians aren’t following the ongoing controversies with the Wake County School Board but those who are have an unfavorable opinion of the body and think that it’s hurting the state’s image.

61% of voters in the state don’t know enough about the situation with the School Board to have an opinion but among those who do 25% rate it unfavorably to only 14% with a positive view. There’s an even stronger sentiment that the body’s actions are damaging the state’s reputation in the eyes of the nation- 30% think North Carolina’s getting a bad image because of its actions to only 12% that believe it’s making the state look good.

Voters in the Triangle unsurprisingly have much stronger opinions on the School Board than folks statewide and their reviews are extremely negative. Just 29% of those being exposed to the controversy on a day to day basis in the media have a favorable opinion of the board to 51% who have a negative one. And 56% within the region think it’s making the state look bad on the national stage to only 22% who think it’s helping.

Of course statewide public opinion and even public opinion in the Triangle doesn't much matter if the composition of the School Board is again determined this fall by a very small subset of Wake County voters who bother to get out to the polls. But after the high profile drama of the last year it seems likely turnout will be a lot higher this time around than it was in 2009.

Full results here


Anonymous said...

Weren't you going to release the North Carolina numbers today?

Anonymous said...

Show us the survey questions for the Wake County poll, please.

Tom Jensen said...

The link to the questions is right at the end of the post, just click on it.

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