Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ohio and Wisconsin Question Suggestions

The winners of our vote on where to poll this weekend were Ohio and Wisconsin. So:

-Who would you like to see us poll for the Senate in Wisconsin? I know the possibilities are endless but we're probably going to try to keep it 3 names, maybe 4 per side.

-In Ohio it's probably a given that we'll test Josh Mandel and Ken Blackwell against Sherrod Brown. Anyone else we should look at?

Obviously we'll ask all the standard Presidential questions in both states. Herman Cain and Jon Huntsman are going to get the permanent spots Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump had in our primary horse race questions. We're not going to vault someone to be automatically included in all of our general election match ups yet- we'll see who else starts consistently polling at double digits in our primary polling and then consider adding other folks alongside Romney, Gingrich, and Palin to be tested against Obama in every state.

Any other question suggestions for those two states?


Andy said...

For the Democrats in WI: Russ Feingold, Tammy Baldwin, Ron Kind, and Jon Erpenbach. For the Republicans, Tommy Thompson, Mark Neumann, Scott (or Jeff) Fitzgerald, and JB Van Hollen.

It would be great if you could ask about collective bargaining in each state, and about the recalls currently taking place in Wisconsin.

Mark said...

In Wisconsin, please test Democrats Steve Kagen, Rep. Ron Kind, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, and Russ Feingold.

Please test Republicans Tommy Thompson, Jeff Fitzgerald, Mark Neumann, and Scott Fitzgerald.

BAYMEC said...
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Anonymous said...

In Ohio, maybe also include Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor and Kevin Coughlin -- Kevin has already declared.

The Interesting Times said...

Are you really that certain that Daniels isn't running?

Craig said...

I'd be curious to see a recall question for WI of Barrett vs. Walker and of Feingold vs. Walker.

Both Andy and Mark's suggestions for the Senate race make sense.

I'd also be interested to see voter perceptions of Walker and Johnson - something along the lines of "is Walker/[are] the Republicans governing the way you expected?"

Anonymous said...

Can you include Drew Carey for Senate in Ohio again?

Andrew Carden said...

Could you throw Gwen Moore into the D primary?

Anonymous said...

WI-Sen: Feingold, Baldwin, Kind, Barrett; Fitzgerald Brothers, Van Hollen, Thompson

WI-Gov Recall: Feingold, Baldwin, Kind, Barrett vs. Walker

OH-Sen: Maybe Jim Jordan (not sure if he turned down already or not)

Anonymous said...

If I am reading this right:

Cain and Huntsman are being included over Pawlenty and Paul?

Seems odd to me. One would reasonably presume that Pawlenty and Paul have much higher name recognition and should be included with Romney, Gingrich and Palin.

Tom Jensen said...

Pawlenty and Paul are already included in our Republican primary polling, as well as Gingrich, Palin, Romney, and Bachmann. Huntsman and Cain will be joining them.

Mark B. said...

I second the suggestion of doing a second recall question for Walker. It's important to see if that support is still there. Also, I wonder if you could test whether the Hon. Tammy Baldwin's sexuality makes a difference to voters.

In Ohio and Wisconsin, what I'd like to see more than anything is a generic ballot state leg. question.

I have another suggestion for Wisconsin: Perhaps you could ask voters if they'd like to see the Democratic Party there include referendum rights (as in Ohio) in their party platform. No one's talking about that, but it's an appealing prospect and now is the time if ever.

Thanks for listening!!

Anonymous said...

Steve Kagen
Ron Kind
Tammy Baldwin
Russ Feingold
Tommy Thompson
Jeff FItzgerald
Mark Neumann
Scott Fitzgerald

Generic support of Wisconsin legislature (considering recalls are happening)

Support for Voter ID law

Recall Walker or not

SB 5

Dennis Kucinich approvals

Rob Portman as wildcard nominee

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin poll suggestions:

Generic state senate question (D/R)

"Who did you vote for? Prosser/Kloppenburg/Did not vote?"

Favorability of Walker

Favorability of Scott Fitzgerald (Senate Majority Leader)

Favorability of Prosser
Favorability of Kloppenburg (to see how strong of candidates the two were, and thus determine whether using their vote %s as proxies are justified. If, for instance, Prosser is very popular and Kloppenburg very unpopular, this is a good sign for Democrats since they were still able to come very close anyways. If the reverse is true, it's a good sign for Republicans.)

Should Walker be recalled?

Do you agree or disagree with Kloppenburg's decision to ask for a recount?

How likely do you think the possibility of fraud was in the Supreme Court election?

Do you think Kathy Nickolaus (Waukesha County clerk) should resign?

Do you think the Wisconsin recall efforts are justified, or an overreaction?

Do you have a favorable/unfavorable opinion of Paul Ryan?

Barrett vs. Walker rematch (again - see if climate is changed)

Feingold vs Johnson rematch (as 'baseline' to see if Walker's perceived overreaching is causing him to lose more support)

Generic congressional ballot question

Anonymous said...

Ohio poll suggestions:

Strickland/Kasich rematch (again - check if climate in state is changing significantly)

The Ohio House has recently reduced the early voting period for elections. Do you support/oppose this change?

Support/oppose Kasich's budget plans

Support/oppose state constitutional amendment allowing collective bargaining

Steve said...

Ask approval of state legislature (it would actually be handy for my dissertation)

Anonymous said...

Let's keep the marriage questions coming in! Ohio and Wisconsin are 2 battleground states and it would be interesting to see what they have to say on this issue.

Statistikhengst said...

In OHIO, just to see if Brown could have a primary challenger, test Brunner against him.

Also, on the GOP side, test Mike Turner (OH-03), who has been in the House of Representatives for 5 times in a swing district very representative of the state (Dayton, WPAFB).

CarterFliptMe said...

Dems: Tammy Baldwin, Russ Feingold
GOP: Mark Neumann, Reince Priebus

Anonymous said...

Testing Baldwin in Wisconsin is a must. She's almost certainly our floor.

Anonymous said...

Dems: Baldwin, Kind, Feingold then either Kagen or Erpenbach
Republicans: Thompson, Van Hollen, Neumann, then one of the Fitz Brothers

Include a Gov-recall with Barrett, Feingold, and Kind

It would also be helpful to have generic ballot questions for the state legislature

Anonymous said...

I know you can't poll all these suggestions, but I am going to list several for the primary poll. Thank you for all your work!!

Ohio Senate:
* Ken Blackwell, former secretary of state
* Mary Taylor, State Lt. Governor
* Josh Mandel, State Treasuer
* Kevin Coughlin, former St. Sen.

Wisconsin Senate:
* Tommy Thompson, former Governor
* Mark Neumann, former Congressman
* J.B. Van Hollen, Wis. Att. General
* Jeff Fitzgerald, Speaker of the House
(Don't bother polling Scott Fitzgerald right now, with the recall elections beginning, I highly doubt he is going to leave the Senate at this very important time, just my opinion)
* Rebecca Kleefisch, Lt. Governor

* Russ Feingold, former Senator
* Ron Kind, Congressman
* Steve Kagen, former Congressman
* Tammy Baldwin, Congresswoman
* Kathleen Falk, former Dane County Executive

Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

In Ohio against Brown: Also do Kevin Coughlin, Mary Taylor

Also poll repeal on SB5 in Ohio, repeal of health care (might be on ballot), and another Kasich v. Strickland re-do to see if that shifted at all.

Anonymous said...

Ask if people believe there was fraud in Waukesha County in the SC race.

Dem- Tammy Baldwin, Russ Feingold, Ron Kind, Barbara Lawton. Maybe Jon Erpenbach, Steve Kagan, Kathleen Falk or Joanne Kloppenberg.

GOP-Tommy Thompson, Scott (or Jeff) Fitzgerald, JB Van Hollen, Mark Neumann.

Ask some recall related question. Maybe if people feel that the recalls are warranted.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poll a Walker v. Barrett rematch to see how that tracks too.

Anonymous said...

Please also include Mitch Daniels in your primary polls.

He polls slightly higher than Cain or Huntsman in the national polls.

sacman701 said...

Wisconsin: Dems Ron Kind, Tammy Baldwin, Russ Feingold, Steve Kagen. Reeps JB Van Hollen, Tommy Thompson, Mark Neumann, Jeff Fitzgerald.

Ohio: Reeps Josh Mandel, Ken Blackwell, Jim Jordan, Mary Taylor.

Sam said...

In Wisconsin, check the support of the gay marriage ban and/or domestic partnership law. Its my home state and I'm really curious since its been five years since it passed. I want to see if any moods have changed.

Anonymous said...

I like many of the Wisconsin suggestions already, I'll just echo some.

For or against the voter ID bill that just passed the state senate today.

For or against the concealed carry bill that will come up for a vote in June.

Favor or oppose Joanne Kloppenburg's request for a recount?

Kind of a wild card, but Milwaukee businessman Tim Sullivan is said to be considering a Senate run. Thing is, no one knows what party he favors, if he favors one at all. Maybe poll a 3 way race with him involved?

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Cain/Huntsman over Daniels?

Sam said...

Another question would be a constitutional amendment that would establish initiative and referendum guidelines. Would Wisconsin support this amendment?

Another constitutional amendment question would be to establish an independent commission for redistricting instead of the legislature doing it. Would Wisconsin support this amendment?

And finally (I'm sure its been brought up), a question on the generic ballot. Not just congressional but for the state? Will Democrats gain seats not only in the state legislature but in congressional seats.

Anonymous said...

You've done a lot of governor re-do polls; how about some Senate re-dos? Would Russ Feingold beat Ron Johnson today? Would Lee Fisher have a shot at Rob Portman?

Anonymous said...

I would also agree with including Drew Carey in the Senate race.

Anonymous said...

For WI-
On the Dem side:
Tammy Baldwin
Russ Feingold
Steve Kagen
Ron Kind
On the GOP side:
Tommy Thompson
JB Van Hollen
Mark Neumann
Jeff or Scott Fitzgerald (I really don't think there's a need to poll both, if one of them runs the other won't and they probably have identical numbers)

Also, a same-sex marriage poll might be interesting here, given that if Baldwin wins she would be the first LGBT senator.

Anonymous said...

include rebecca kleefisch in republican primary and gwen moore in democratic. see if tammy baldwin's sexuality makes a difference, especially to independednts. also test paul ryan's favorability

Anonymous said...

Drew Carey isnt running. Dont waste your time!

HCE said...

Unless the Wisconsin GOP senate race is already too crowded, it might be worth asking about Tim Sullivan, CEO of Bucyrus International. I can already assume his support will be right around "Who?" but it still might be worth it.

Sam said...

I thought of one more and I hope its not too late. Both Wisconsin and Ohio are probably going to pass Voter ID laws. Ask the voters in those states who they feel about these new laws.

Sam said...

Hopefully this isn't too late. Wisconsin and Ohio are poised to pass strict voter ID laws. I'm curious on how voters feel about these new laws.

Anonymous said...

Please please poll the SB5 repeal in Ohio.

Drew Carey isn't going to run here--that seems like a waste of a question.

Also, could you poll a Kasich/Strickland rematch? I want to know the extent of the Kasich buyers' remorse here.

Anonymous said...

In Wisconsin, I'd like to see:

1. A question examining the influence of partisanship in the state, measuring the value respondents hold for bipartisan work

2. A question asking how much respondents think politicians are doing to improve the economy

3. Van Hollen, Thompson, Neumann; Baldwin, Kind, Feingold, Barca

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