Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Voting time...

We're up this week for our monthly North Carolina poll and another state poll. Would love your suggestions on NC question ideas. Here are the choices for the state poll:

-Massachusetts. All polling has shown Scott Brown in good shape here but we haven't been there in more than five months now and his position still seems like it could be a little tenuous so it might be worth a look.

-Minnesota. Similar to Massachusetts, Amy Klobuchar has consistently proven to be very popular in our polling, but we haven't polled there in a long time and it's worth polling most Senate races every six months or so. Also interested in how voters there are feeling about the Pawlenty and Bachmann candidacies and whether the buyer's remorse Midwestern voters are feeling about their new Governors extends even to Democrats like Mark Dayton.

-Montana. Competitive Senate race, open seats for the House and Governor, one of the closest states that Barack Obama lost in 2008...lots to work with in Montana.

-New Mexico. Haven't polled it since it became an open seat for the Senate, interested to see if the GOP really has a chance here and how competitive the Democratic primary for Senate will start out.

-Ohio. It hasn't been that long since we last polled there but obviously a major swing state with a Senate race next year is worth looking at frequently.

-Oregon. Not really a swing state for President but one of the more consistently competitive states we haven't looked at yet this cycle and like with Minnesota a chance to see if voters dislike all their new Governors or just their new Republican Governors.

-South Carolina. Been more than 3 months since we polled there, seems integral to Newt's prospects so would be interesting to see how he's doing there immediately after his launch and also interesting to see if there's been any impact on the folks who participated in the debate.

-Washington. Maria Cantwell had some bad approval numbers in a survey out last week, interested to see if we confirm that and also how she fares in direct head to head match ups with various Republicans.

Voting is open until 4 PM tomorrow, and as always don't cheat or we'll disqualify the state you cheated on behalf of.


Matt D said...

If you do Washington, I want to see McKenna vs. Inslee for the governor's race.

As for NC, do Perdue vs. McCrory, and the generic ballot for the legislature (and Congress as well, if you can). Also poll approval of statewide figures, and see Kay Hagan's popularity. I know it's not until 2014, but it's good to get a starting point.

Unknown said...

Would love a NC polling question of lawmakers (your framing needed of course):

1) "Are your religious beliefs key to your position on the marriage amendment?"


2) "What non-religion-based reason is the basis for your support/opposition of the marriage amendment."

Statistikhengst said...


When you do get to OHIO, do it en bloc with IN and MI.

Anonymous said...

If Ohio (also Michigan or Pennsylvania) then ask about Mitch Daniels -- please!

Anonymous said...

Make sure to please, please poll Jay Inslee vs. Rob McKenna 1v1 if WA wins.

Anonymous said...

With Kohl Retired, you should do WI 2012 soon.

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