Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Washington and North Carolina Question Suggestion Thread

Washington was the winner of our vote on where to poll this week. Obviously we'll do the standard Presidential stuff. Beyond that:

-What match ups would you like to see tested for Governor?

-Who should we test against Maria Cantwell for the Senate?

-Are there any questions we should delve into besides the President/Governor/Senate stuff?

And as previously noted we're also polling North Carolina this weekend so any question suggestions there would be much appreciated as well. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

You better get those unions & union school teachers out of NC because they are the ones so quick to teach Marxism to your students and Obama songs and teaching the re-written Preamble to the Constitution to teach the kindergarten children how to read at the same time how to become good little socialist and learn the government gives to you what you need and takes from you what they think you don't need.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if the birther movement has actually died. So: Do you believe Obama was born in the US?

AccProf said...

Any potential for surveying support for the Fair Tax in the next survey?

Miles said...

I'd like to see how Patty Murray's approval is holding up.

Anonymous said...

Since there are likely to be multiple candidates in the GOP primary that supports the FairTax as a major part of their economic platform, let's see how much support there would be for overhauling the tax code by eliminating the income tax and replacing it with a national sales tax.

Anonymous said...

Dem- Jay Inslee, Chris Gregoire, Ron Sims, Brian Baird, Dow Constantine (King County Exec, Gary Locke (going for his old job).

Rep- Rob McKenna, Dino Rossi (just for kicks and giggles), George Nethercutt, Dave Reichert.

Against Cantwell- McMorris Rodgers,Dino Rossi!!(yes, he can run for everything), Nethercutt, Reichert

Anonymous said...

North Carolina- Generic Congressional Ballot. Also ask if having a Blue Dog as their rep makes them more or less likely to support them. It would be interesting to see if people even know what the Blue Dogs are and with Shuler et. al being from NC this is an interesting question.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ask about Rob McKenna and health care. 1. Do people support the lawsuit? 2. How does this impact their support of him for guv.

Anonymous said...

Dino Rossi! Fourth time's the charm!

Also, do something with Dennis Kucinich. It's been suggested that he might move to Washington to run for the House there.

Anonymous said...

poll for NC Kay Hagan vs Richard Burr for Gov. Also poll approval ratings for Warren Magnusen and Scopp Jackson

Anonymous said...

In addition to Chris Gregoire and Jay Inslee try tested some other people elected statewide such as auditor Brian Sonntag, lt. gov Brad Owen, treasurer Jim Mcintire, and Commissioner of public lands Peter J. Goldmark (who ran against Cathy Mcmorris-rogers in '06 and unseated the incumbent commissioner in '08). You could also do Lisa Brown and Denny Heck. Washington state has a deep democratic bench. You absolutely need to test Mckenna on the republican side because he has been running for the seat for practically 8 years. I'd also like to see whether McKenna could be teabagged in a primary.

Ms L said...

Will your vote in the 2012 election be based:

almost entirely on fiscal issues,
almost entirely on security/military issues,
almost entirely on social issues,
mainly security/military and social,
mainly fiscal and social issues,
mainly fiscal and security/military,
or all three: fiscal, security/military and social.

Anonymous said...

Another suggestion for NC-gov would be to test Elaine Marshall against Pat McCrory. She did pretty well against Richard Burr last year considering the horrific year and the fact that she was given ZERO funding from the DSCC. In addition, Marshall should have higher name recognition than some of the other dems in NC and had very good favorables in your polling.

Aaron Paul Ingebrigtsen (Plarndude) said...

Add Fair Tax to the poll, please. I want to know how many people who look at this blog would support it. I sure do.

Anonymous said...

Try Susan Hutchison against Cantwell. Also ask about views of gay marriage in Washington state.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to get some input on what is thought about the FairTax and how much support it might be getting now...

jacopovannucchi said...

Albert Rosellini for Governor

Chuck In Seattle said...

As others have said about Gov:
McKenna against everyone. And if you want other Republicans, try Reichart against them. And Dino Rossi again would be fun!

If you want something fun/obscure and modern, you could ask about opting out of phone books:

Anonymous said...

Gays should be allowed to marry or not (no civil unions thrown in).

There is some possibility that a ballot initiative could happen in Washington State in 2012.

Knowing whether a majority favors same-sex marriage in WA would be very interesting.

Mark B. said...

The grassroots Sensible Washington is collecting signatures to qualify a marijuana legalization measure for the ballot in 2011. They came close to getting enough sigs last year, and hopefully they'll succeed this time around.

Washington state has consistently shown the highest levels of support for cannabis re-legalization in the whole country. Given that this measure might just have a chance, I really hope you'll ask whether people there support the repeal of criminal and civil penalties regarding marijuana, what I-1149 would do.

Thanks for listening!

WApolitics said...

For WA: Definitely have to test Inslee v. McKenna, 1 on 1.

And for Senate, I've been hearing a lot more buzz about Reichert lately so Cantwell v. Reichert 1 on 1 would be very interesting. Other than that, the candidates that actually seem likely are King County Sheriff Sue Rahr, Seattle Port Commission head Bill Bryant, and Susan Hutchison. I don't think testing Rossi or Nethercutt or any of the other has-beens would be useful.

Also - the biggest race downticket will be for AG, probably King County Councilmen Bob Ferguson vs. Reagan Dunn. The results of that would be very interesting.

Dean said...

Jesus, a lot of people all of a sudden coming out from the woodwork to push the UNfair tax thing. The right wing sends out a memo and they all go to work.

If you poll the fair tax, make sure to test whether people even know what it is and that their sales receipts will list a 23% tax on it in addition to current state/local sales taxes.

For anyone living paycheck to paycheck, that's an effective rate of 23% of your income whereas the millionaires only spend a fraction of their paychecks so they would pay an effective tax rate of 1-2%.

Ask them whether they think that's really a fair tax or not.

Anonymous said...

Please keep the questions on same-sex marriage coming. They're interesting and not enough other polling outfits are doing the same thing.

Unknown said...

test mcmorris rodgers' statewide favorability to see if she will be moving up from the house or getting cozy in her house leadership position. see what people still think about dino rossi (hes lost 3 consecutive races with 48% of the vote or more). also test dave reichert and susan hutchison and mcmorris rodgers against cantwell.

Dan said...

@Dean, Let's at least get the facts straight about the FairTax.

You said,"For anyone living paycheck to paycheck, that's an effective rate of 23% of your income whereas the millionaires only spend a fraction of their paychecks so they would pay an effective tax rate of 1-2%."

Well actually, under the FairTax, workers get to keep 100% of their paycheck. The FairTax eliminates THE MOST REGRESSIVE tax that hurts the poor, which is the payroll tax as well.

Also, with the pre-bate provision of the FairTax the poor actually are completely untaxed on their spending up to the poverty level.

This prebate is what makes the FairTax completely different than a simple sales tax, which would be regressive and hurt the poor. It was designed by economists to make the FairTax a progressive sales tax that would not hurt the poor and more effectively tax the wealthy at a progressive rate.

In fact, no one is taxed the full 23% until they reach a spending level of around 1 Million dollars. Here's a bit of info. The Wealthy spend ALOT MORE than the poor and the middle class so the FairTax in the truest definition of the word is more progressive than our current income tax system.

Here's how it breaks down: A family of 4 would have to spend over $30,000 before they spend one dime in taxes plus they have 100% of their Paycheck.

Here are the effective tax rates for a family of 4 under the FairTax. Spend $60,000 effective tax rate(etr) = 11.5%. $120,000 (ETR) = 17.2%. $235,000 (ETR) =20.1%. 470.000 (ETR)= 21.6%. 941,000 (ETR)= 22.3%.

So I believe that since the FairTax is a big part of the economic platform of Mike Huckabee(who leads most of your polls) and at least two other candidates that will likely be in the GOP primary, I think that this would be a good poll question to ask: Would you be in favor of an economic plan to eliminate the IRS, Income Tax, and most other federal taxes and replace it with a national sales tax that is designed specifically to be fair to not hurt the poor?

AccProf said...

Check out Refutes talking points from some of the talking heads trying to influence elections and has a wealth of information to answer questions.

The Interesting Times said...

You might as well throw Rossi into the mix again. A lot of Republicans thought Cantwell was the one Rossi should have run against.

Anonymous said...

not sure if it's not too late to suggest a question, but here goes. please ask presidential numbers without trump, huckabee or palin. trump has shown signs of backing away from his potential bid, huck's likely to say no saturday and palin has been oddly quiet in the past month or so. together they make up 39% of the national vote in the last poll. add that to the undecided column and half of the electorate polled thus far will have their choice actually running. Let's see where voters go with a thinner field.

MaryP said...

For WA Governor Jay Inslee vs. Rob McKenna

Republicans to match us against Cantwell:
Sen. Don Benton; Susan Hutchison

Nobody in Washington thinks Reichert is serious about entering either the senate or governors races. He just hopes that by thinking out loud, if you can call it that, he will persuade Slade Gorton to help him out with a more Republican Congressional District.

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