Friday, October 5, 2007

Polls! Wake County School Board

PPP Survey: 1147 likely voters in Wake County, 159 in District 3 and 178 in District 6. Results here.

District 3
LaVance 28%
Hill 20%
Wilson 13%

District 6
Clark 49%
O'Brien 16%
Armogida 10%
Zal 3%

The following questions were asked countywide: How would you rate the current school board?
Excellent 9%
Good 29%
Fair 26%
Poor 30%

Would you support a .4% transfer tax increase for school construction?
Support 44%
Oppose 48%

Should Wake County school be allowed to provide voluntary sex education?
Favor 64%
Oppose 30%


E.C. Huey said...

I'll bet if you were to come west and poll citizens of Guilford Co. what they think of their school board and county board, the numbers would be further down.

E.C. Huey

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