Monday, March 19, 2007


Welcome to Public Policy Polling’s brand new blog. We hope this space can become a clearinghouse for North Carolina polling data, trends, and analysis.

Dean Debnam, President of PPP, is fond of saying that “polling is like crack” for politicians and politicos. It’s true. We can’t get enough. Our eyes are drawn to numbers. Polls produce instant winners and losers. It’s addictive.

But in this blog we want to go beyond just the winners and losers. The benefits of polling lie in the crosstabs and in trends over time. There is more to analyze and scrutinize than just the raw numbers. Methodology, sampling and weighting, for example, deserve consideration for their impact on the final results.

I know you polling addicts are out there, and I hope you will join us for our discussion of all things polling in North Carolina.

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