Monday, March 26, 2007

What did Pew have to say about North Carolina?

Not much in their report, but there are a couple of nuggets. They categorized North Carolina Republicans into three groups: white evangelical protestant conservatives, other conservatives, and moderates or liberals. Here is how they were distributed.

White evangelical protestant conservatives 36%
Other Conservatives 30%
Moderates/Liberals 32%

Compared to other southern states, North Carolina Republicans are not the most conservative, nor the most liberal. Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee are more conservative. An amazing 54% of Mississippi Republicans are white evangelical protestant conservatives. But many other southern states’ Republicans are less conservative. Virginia, Florida and Alabama have more moderate/liberal Republicans.

As for Democrats, they were broken down into liberal, moderate and conservative categories.

Liberal 24%
Moderate 45%
Conservative 27%

North Carolina Democrats, likewise, are not the most liberal or conservative among other southern states. Virginia and Florida have the most liberal Democrats. Louisiana’s Democrats are the most conservative.

The Pew Research Center found that nationally more people are considering themselves Democrats and fewer consider themselves Republicans. So that movement may have decreased the percentage of moderate/liberal Republicans and increased the percentage of moderate and conservative Democrats.

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