Monday, October 22, 2007

Charlotte bearish on the Panthers

The complete Civitas Mecklenburg County poll can be found here. Charlotte will be holding its council elections in a couple of weeks. How is the mayor’s race shaping up?

Opinion of Beverly Earle
Favorable 17%
Unfavorable 13%
No opinion 38%
Not aware 32%

Opinion of Pat McCrory
Favorable 62%
Unfavorable 16%
No opinion 19%
Unaware 3%

Not good news for the Beverly Earle campaign. She needs to do a better job getting her name out there. A MUCH MUCH better job.

Will the Carolina Panthers make the playoffs this year?
Yes 18%
No 67%

I probably would agree that the Panthers are going to have a tough year, yet they are 4-2 and are leading the Southeast Division. Coach Fox, start Testaverde this week!


Chris said...


We went in the field with that poll right before Vinny started and won his first game. So some of the negative sentiment may be coming from the disappointment in losing Delhomme without knowing how good Vinny was going to be.

And I mean good in terms of a 43 year old, not like Tom Brady-good.

Justin Guillory said...

David Carr ruined my first in person Panthers game, the Panthers-Bucs game a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

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