Monday, August 9, 2010

Bennet holds small lead

Michael Bennet's holding on to a small lead the day before the Democratic primary for US Senate in Colorado, 49-43 over challenger Andrew Romanoff.

Bennet's biggest strength is his support with senior citizens, who could account for as much as a third of the voters tomorrow. He's up 53-41 with them. The incumbent also leads with whites (50-44), women (49-42), and men (48-43). Romanoff's strength is with Hispanics (46-42) and voters between 30-45 (49-43.)

Both candidates are relatively popular with Bennet holding a 57/24 approval rating and Romanoff sporting a 52/27 favorability spread. Bennet's approval rating with primary voters was 53/22 when PPP last looked at the race in May so the spirited primary campaign doesn't appear to have had a negative impact on his overall popularity within the party, a good sign for him if he does indeed move onto the fall.

Romanoff is doing much better against Bennet than he was on that May poll, when he trailed by 15 points. That seems to be largely a result of increased name recognition. In May there was a 12 point gap between how well known Bennet and Romanoff were but that's now closed to only two points.

It's close enough that this race could go either way tomorrow but a Bennet victory is more likely.

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Chuck said...

Does your poll include those who already mailed in their ballots?

Chuck said...

How does your poll account for those who have already voted?

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