Friday, August 27, 2010

Crist's Biggest Issue

There's been all sorts of analysis this week about whether there is or is not a path to victory for Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate race but the biggest problem for his candidacy is really quite simple: voters in the state just don't like him that much anymore.

Crist's approval rating on our poll this week was just 42% with 44% of voters disapproving of him. Republicans don't like him much at all anymore, giving him a 29/59 approval rating. Independents like him more than they like most politicians but his approval with them is still under 50% at 47/37. Democrats give him the best numbers at 54/29 approval but that doesn't come close to matching Marco Rubio's popularity with Republicans at 67/20/

The days of 60%ish approval ratings for Crist are long gone and that loss of popularity is the biggest thing he's going to have to find a way to overcome in the final two months of the campaign.


Anonymous said...

I suppose him saying he would have voted against Obama's healthcare plan just last month then saying today that he would have voted for it then saying two hours later that he misspoke doesn't help his credibility with the voters...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps surgery - so he only talked out of ONE side of his mouth - would help.

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