Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Palin Disconnect

We've written a fair amount about the fact that Sarah Palin's influence in Republican primaries does not necessarily means she's a viable Presidential candidate. Here's a classic example of that in New Hampshire 2012 primary results we'll release tomorrow:

The leading Presidential contender among Republicans in New Hampshire who say they're more likely to vote for a Palin endorsed candidate is...Mitt Romney with 33%. Only 28% of the GOP voters positively influenced by a Palin endorsement say they would vote Palin for President.

There's a big disconnect for Republican voters between liking Palin/paying attention to what she has to say and actually putting her in the White House.

And keep in mind also that only 31% of primary voters in New Hampshire said they were more inclined to support a Palin endorsed candidate in the first place.


Anonymous said...

How many of those were transplanted Massholes or Dem operatives? There are two words that take Gov. Romney out of the running for president: Romney Care!!

Robert said...

Palin endorsement isn't so much better or any better than other well-known conservative. The difference is that for whatever reason, her endorsements get much more play in the mainstream media.

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