Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obama a big drag

If this election is a referendum on Barack Obama then o boy are Democrats in trouble. In our final round of 18 polls we found the President with a positive approval rating among likely voters in only 1 state- Connecticut. Even there only 46% of voters expressed support for the job he's doing. He's slightly under water in some of the bluest states out there- California, Washington, even his home state of Illinois.

And the bad news for Democratic candidates across the country is that we found very few voters disapproving of Obama who were willing to then turn around and vote for Democratic candidates. Joe Manchin was an exception but for the most part no Democrats were getting more than 5-10% of the vote from people who disapproved of Obama. There's a lot of good Democrats tonight- both incumbents and challengers- who are going to lose and it won't be because of anything they did wrong. It's just hard to overcome an incumbent President of your party being so unpopular with the people most motivated to vote.

Here are Obama's state by state numbers from best spread to worst:


Obama Approval


























North Carolina









New Hampshire















West Virginia







Anonymous said...

We need a poll after the election for looking at the Obama standing against all of the republicans contenders. It's possible?

Christian Liberty said...

forcing through a tyrannical takeover of healthcare, a wasteful corrupt "stimulus", an oppressive energy tax...

only those who condone evil could possibly say that Demo(n)crats didn't do anything wrong... or that there's any such thing as a "good" Democrat. Anyone who voted for the Obama agenda is too extreme to represent us in Congress.

Christian Liberty said...

"There's a lot of good Democrats tonight- both incumbents and challengers- who are going to lose and it won't be because of anything they did wrong."


Anyone Democrat who supported the Obama agenda, in word or in deed, did PLENTY wrong against the American voters.

It's just a shame that because of gerrymandering SO FEW Demoncrats will actually be purged from our nation's capital.

Christian Liberty said...

"There is ongoing debate within Democratic circles about when, exactly, the party lost its handle on the electoral environment. Some consultants say they realized they lost the House in early October, when it finally became apparent that incumbents couldn’t move their poll numbers.

But others say the electoral map hardened this spring, after the House passed a health care bill that remains deeply unpopular among voters. Democratic campaign officials say it is no accident that there are few Democrats in moderate-to-conservative districts who have promoted their support for the health care measure on the campaign trail, and most don’t even acknowledge it."


Admit it. Obamacare is an abomination. It destroyed the Democrat majority. It destroyed the Obama presidency. It may yet destroy the entire Democratic party.

If Democrats don't wise up and lead the charge to repeal Obamacare, the Democrat party will never have a majority again. If Democrats don't wise up and repeal Obamacare, the Democratic party may go away like the Whigs -- just another historical curiosity.

Christian Liberty said...

Voters have good reason to reject Obama and his sycophantic party... and what they have done to ruin the American economy.

Obama is "a president who told ABC's Charlie Gibson that he would favor higher capital gains tax rates even if they brought in less revenue to the government. This is a president who likes taking rich people's money away from them."


"Rich people", of course, means the people you have to thank that you even have a job. Obama and the Democrats seem determined to do everything they can to destroy every last job in the private sector. If that weren't the case, they would join Republicans and Tea Party patriots in supporting lower taxes, limited government, and regulatory relief. But the Democrats' agenda, and Obama's own words, show that he regards the private sector as the enemy. And that means that all rational voters should regard Obama and the Democratic Party as their enemy as well.

Christian Liberty said...

Obama is the worst president in modern times, possibly the worst president in American history.

"It is becoming apparent for all to see that a man who made his name as a community organizer does not have the skills to be president of these United States. Maybe he could develop the requisite skills as a governor. Possibly, he could develop such skills were he to sit in the Senate for a couple of terms. Yet there are delicate sensitivities: the ability to listen, to learn from mistakes, to stick by your guns, occasionally to remain reticent. These are the fundamentals of a leader, and President Barack Obama has demonstrated that he lacks all of them, most notably reticence. I now think it is clear even to Official Washington that President Obama is the worst president of modern times. President Jimmy Carter is redeemed....

Obama is as incompetent as Carter but he shows no capacity to learn. Carter became the first ex-president to speak ill of a sitting president from foreign soil. Obama became the first president to speak ill of America from foreign soil, and he has done so repeatedly. For him America is a failed state. He has come up with no new policies, but he has tried many that failed for Carter and for Lyndon Johnson. He has pronounced them a success. Even as the economy weakens he calls them a success, and meanwhile the nation faces a budget overhang of colossal proportions and an entitlement catastrophe....

But the good news is that Jimmy Carter can no longer be classified the worst president in modern times. He is only the worst ex-president in modern times, and he will hold that title until 2013 or perhaps 2014, by which time ex-president Obama will have had time to really show his stuff."


Anonymous said...

It is obvious you hate Obama.

Jim said...

What will be even more interesting is a look at Obama's approval rating after today's election.

A lot of his supporters STILL don't believe the shellacking that's coming their way today. They think that Obama's so smart and effective that there's no way that Democrats can even lose seats - let alone control.

Once that illusion is shattered, how many of those supporters will become disillusioned FORMER supporters.

My guess is that calls for a Democratic primary of Obama only increase after today.

Joseph Banks said...

Christian Liberty,

That's a pretty startling conclusion to make... considering this health care law doesn't really start until 2014.

So, really, you're just yelling for the sake of yelling. The reason people don't like this health care bill is the FEAR of what it will be because the only people who have currently felt its effect are the people very happy with it. Young adults who, starting January, can get back on their parents health insurance for a couple extra years of leeway. People who were denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Etc etc.


So, excuse me for scoffing at your reasoning, but let's wait for a law to, you know, actually start before calling it a failure.

Dustin Ingalls said...

Joseph, you're probably new to our blog's comment section and to the delusional tool who goes by "Christian Liberty." He has no concept of sanity or reality. He only listens to the voices in his head.

BTW, welcome back, CL. We missed the entertainment of your posts for the last few weeks.

The Interesting Times said...

On my blog, there is a new post in which I argue that midterm elections in general are referenda on the sitting President and his party.

I would say that there are some pretty solid reasons for believing that this is indeed the case.

And if this is true, then Obama's low approval rating indicates that the Democrats are in for serious losses tonight.

The Interesting Times said...

"What will be even more interesting is a look at Obama's approval rating after today's election."

I agree. There are many possible ways that the remainder of Obama's term could go.

Will liberals blame Obama or rally around him? Will Obama go the way of Carter and continue to decline until he is defeated in 2012, or will the remainder of his term more closely resemble that of Clinton's first term, leading him to an election victory in two years?

Steve said...

What was G-Dub's national approval rating when he left office?

Oh yeah: 30%.

Christian Liberty said...

Dems Who Voted 'No' on Obamacare Did Better

"President Obama has been a disaster for his party. In North Carolina, the vulnerable Democrats who voted against ObamaCare and other administration policies (cap and trade also) - Mike McIntyre, Larry Kissell, and Heath Shuler - won reelection. The vulnerable Democrat who voted for ObamaCare, (Bob) Etheridge, was defeated. Pretty clear message there."



Corporations (who provide jobs for numerous voters) and unions (who supported Obamacare) are requesting waivers to exempt them from its effects after only 6 months. There is already a massive backlash against the disaster that is Obamacare. If Democrats are foolish enough to wait for it to swell any larger, they will certainly pay an even greater price than they already have.

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