Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Perils of having it both ways...

One of the most interesting findings on our Montana poll was Max Baucus' extremely low level of popularity in the state. Only 38% of voters expressed support for his job performance while 53% disapproved. At this point pretty much all of his support from Republicans has evaporated with only 13% approving of him and although his numbers with Democrats aren't bad at 70/21, they're not nearly as strong as Jon Tester's which are 87/6.

Baucus' plight is similar to that of a number of other Senators who tried to have it both ways on health care, watering down the bill but still voting for it in the end. Blanche Lincoln's stance, among other issue positions, alienated her base so much that she nearly lost her party's nomination. And it certainly didn't help her to win Republican votes in the fall, leading to her overwhelming defeat in November. Joe Lieberman's actions on health care have helped to put him in a most unusual position- his approval rating is under 50% with Democrats, Republicans, and independents, one of very few Senators who's managed to pull off that trio. And on the other side of the aisle Olympia Snowe's vote for the health care bill at one point in committee, even though she voted against it in the end, infuriated the Republican base in the state and has many folks hankering for a primary challenge against her.

Voters may in general support moderation from their politicians but this particular issue had partisans on both sides so fired up that folks who didn't either completely support the health care bill with a public option or oppose it no matter what simply aggravated both sides of the political spectrum.

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