Saturday, December 4, 2010

Crazy E-Mail of the Day

Editor's note: sometimes when we post these e-mails we get flak for posting them with the e-mail addresses of the senders made public. If you send us an e-mail like this, that's just the price you pay.

From: Nahrstedt []
Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010 9:22 PM
To: PPP Information
Subject: Are You Kidding?

You seem to be under the misguided impression that we give a crap about your Obama poll. Who cares what MA thinks, much less the PPI? MA has “given” us Bwaney “I didn’t know there was a homosexual brothel being run out of my house” Frwank (yes, the same as Bwaney “Fannie and Freedie are in great shape” Fwank), Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy, Whack job Paul Tsongas, Pedophile Gary Studds, ad nauseum.

If you had to give the world an enema, the hose would go thru MA and come out in CA.

Give us break… STFU.

Dr Dave Nahrstedt


Anonymous said...

This guy received a doctorate? Now that's scary.

Anonymous said...

Not so crazy if you have spent any time in MA...from a practical stand point the flushing would begin in Vermont though.

ChrisM said...

Not his first time doing this... From his 1999 Letter to the editor about socialist, gay Hawaii: (

"It's no mystery why Hawaii is losing visitors

Regarding your May 11 story, "Survey: Hawaii losing favor as vacation spot."
Big mystery. We visited two weeks ago for a few days and paid $12 for a sandwich, $22 for a medium pizza and $12 for a couple of ice cream cones. There are outrageous fees and taxes for hotel and rental car. Plus Hawaii has an out-of-control socialist government and congressional delegation.

Finally, racist comments and homosexual behavior were displayed nearly everywhere.

We have no plans to return.

Dr. and Mrs. David Nahrstedt
Westlake Village, Calif.
Via the Internet"

Anonymous said...

great research Chris M.

May I ask who cares about any of this?

Armchair Editorialist said...

I really wonder about some people...

Unknown said...

Ha. Sounds like he's awfully concerned about both homosexuality and enemas.

The writer seems to be protesting a wee bit too much.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Goebbels had a doctorate, and so does Ted "Unabom" Kaczynski.

For sheer craziness in politics, little beats South Carolina.

Anonymous said...

And hey, he's a fan of the Nazis, too. What a wonderful human being. (search for his name on the page)

Anonymous said...

Hey - I'm from Kentucky and we are trying really, really hard to beat out South Carolina on craziness - whee - we're getting a Creationist theme park !!

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