Thursday, December 16, 2010

Florida and North Carolina Polls

Florida was the winner of our vote on where to poll this weekend so:

1) Tell us who you think we should poll against Bill Nelson

2) Tell us what other Florida questions you think we should ask.

And we're polling North Carolina this weekend as well so if you have question ideas there please feel free to send them our way as well.


Matt D said...

Connie Mack, Pam Bondi, Jennifer Carroll, Charlie Crist, and/or Dan Webster. Also test to see if he would win a primary against Alan Grayson or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. I know Nelson will beat them (although I won't know until I see the poll), but I want to see the possible results.

JK said...

For NC: there have been a couple relatively high profile articles about some issues the new NCGA GOP majority want to tackle: changing voter ID laws and lifting the charter school cap. Since the GOP campaigned almost exclusively on fiscal issues in NC (tho they did have these other issues on their campaign platform) I'm curious if the GOP risks losing support by highlighting other issues besides budgetary/economic ones. Not sure what the question would look like though.

Unknown said...

Have you, or anyone you know, declared bankruptcy from health care expenses even though you have employer- or self-provided health care insurance?

Anonymous said...

FL: State Sen. Mike Haridopolos, outgoing Sen. George LeMieux, state Sen. John Thrasher, Rep. Connie Mack, Rep. Jeff Miller and Katherine Harris (just for kicks).

Anonymous said...

A Florida polling ?: If the court decision overturning the ban on gay adoption is upheld, would you favor a new constitutional amendment prohibiting gays from adopting.

MilesC56 said...

Ask about Charlie Crist's favorables.

Anonymous said...

Connie Mack IV
Adam Putnam
Jeb Bush
George LeMieux
Charlie Crist
Bill McCollum
Vern Buchanan
one of the Diaz-Balarts

Anonymous said...

Connie Mack, Jennifer Carroll, Mike Haridopolos, George Lemieux

Anonymous said...

Poll the popularity of Connie Mack's support for Wikileaks (

Anonymous said...

For NC: What do people think about the tax incentives that go to data centers (google, facebook, apple, etc.)?
Are people aware of it? Would they rather the state tie more strict job creation measures to the money? With the financial crisis and budget shortfalls, can we afford to let profitable companies make no investment in our state?
It was a story again last month with the facebook deal, but many people are concerned that the centers fail to create enough jobs (as happened with google failing to meet it's promises two years ago) to make hundreds of millions in corporate give-aways worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

For FL:

For the Senate race, George LeMieux and Mike Haridopolos are both assumed to be running, so they should definitely be polled.

Other wildcards include Jeb Bush, Connie Mack and Bill McCollum.

The Legislature wants to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot for 2012 on gay adoption. Test that.

NRH said...

For Florida, popularity check on Rubio and Rick Scott. See if either one is being given any honeymoon by the voters who didn't show up at the polls this year, or if they're already having buyer's remorse (or, I suppose, in this case, that would be didn't-bother-to-shop remorse).

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush won't run so don't poll him.


Mike Haridopolos & Mike McCalister are running for sure and it's likely that LeMieux well as well so poll them against each other then against Bill Nelson.

Also include Connnie Mack IV, Adam Hasner, Vern Buchanan, & Tom Rooney in the FL senatorial election poll.

abrian said...

Do you approve of Gov. Perdue's new plan to reorganize and privatize several divisions of government? The move could save the state

Anonymous said...

FL: Don't waste your time on Jeb. He's not running.

Connie Mack, Mike Haridopolos, George LeMieux, Bill McCollum, Adam Hasner and Tom Rooney.

Test Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Alan Boyd and Charlie Crist as replacements for Nelson should he decide not to seek re-election.

Poll support for a new gay adoption amendment. Poll support for earmarks if it means money to deepen port to bring nuclear carrier to Jacksonville.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Webster (FL-08) (R) who just beat Alan Grayson

Anonymous said...

Poll Rubio for President 2012

Anonymous said...

Poll Grayson in a primary, CArroll,Crist Harpollis, LeMuix

Anonymous said...

What about James Burnley for governor of North Carolina?

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