Friday, December 3, 2010

Taking Suggestions

We haven't done a vote on where we poll for a while and we've gotten some requests for one. So let us know in the comments where you'd like us to poll next weekend, we'll pick some finalists, and let you vote starting Monday.

Let us know what state(s) you want us to poll and what you think we should poll in them, including match ups if it's for a Senate or Gubernatorial race.

And we'll have Michigan and Minnesota for you next week...have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Forget politics for a while. Poll whether people think Cam Newton should be barred from getting the Heisman because of cheating/payments from Auburn.

Anonymous said...

Poll Iowa caucus...

Asher said...

Florida with Dan Webster as one of the Senate candidates. And the affect of DREAM Act and DADT on the race.

Anonymous said...

Find out how many students or young adults voted and see why if the results show that they did not turn out, why?

Anonymous said...

Washington and Texas.

Anonymous said...

Primary challenge to Ben Nelson viable?

Anonymous said...

Nelson vs. Crist, Mack, LeMieux, Bush, McCollum, Putnam, Buchanan, one of the Diaz-Balarts
GOP pres. primary with Rubio

Casey vs Ridge, Santorum
GOP pres. primary with Santorum

Rhode Island:
Whitehouse vs. Carcieri, Robitaille

Brown vs. Jim Jordan, Steve LaTourette

West Virginia:
Manchin vs. Capito, Ireland
Tomblin vs. Capito, Ireland

Kohl generic re-elect
Feingold, Baldwin, Doyle, Kind vs. Paul Ryan

Cantwell vs. Reichert, Rossi, McMorris-Rodgers
Gregoire vs. McKenna, Rossi

Anonymous said...

Poll the 2012 VT Senate race of Gov Jim Douglas vs Sen Bernie Sanders.

Mark said...

Sen. Corker, Rep. Wamp, Rep.-elect DesJarlais vs. Gov. Bredesen, Mike McWherter, Rep. Gordon

Anonymous said...

Ky 2011 gop primary
David williams vs phil moffett vs bobbie howslow

Anonymous said...

Florida: POTUS and Senate.

Brandon K said...

New Jersey

Menendez vs. Kean, Jr.
Menendez vs. Guadagno
Menendez vs. Dobbs

Anonymous said...

McKenna vs. Inslee and Sims
Cantwell vs. Reichert and Didier

Anonymous said...

For the fun of it, why not do some three way Democratic Presidential Primary polls with Fiengold on the left and Clinton on the right of Obama. Obama would have no problem with a single challenger, but with two challengers attacking him from each side of the political spectrum, he might have some problems.

Anonymous said...

Nebraska: Ben Nelson v. Jon Bruning

Ohio: Brown v. Jim Jordan, Mary Taylor

North Dakota: Conrad v. Wayne Stenehjem, Drew Wrigley

Florida: Bill Nelson v. Mike Haridopolos, Jennifer Carroll, Connie Mack

Pennsylvania: Bob Casey v. Tom Ridge, Jim Gerlach, Charlie Dent

Anonymous said...

Texas Senate without Kay Bailey!

Anonymous said...

My first choice: NE-Sen and OH-Sen

FL-Sen and WV-Sen have previous polls.

Anonymous said...

Please poll Chris Christie vs. Obama in New Jersey!

David said...

* Senatorial election in North Dakota: Conrad could be vulnerable due to his pro-Obama votes in a red state

* Senatorial election in Wisconsin: How vulnerable could Kohl be in a state which saw major GOP gains in 2010?

* Senatorial election in Nevada: Could Ensign still win re-election despite his the dropped criminal investigation?

* Senatorial election in Ohio: Could Sherrod Brown face defeated in another state that saw huge GOP gains in 2010?

Anonymous said...

OH: Sherrod Brown vs. Jon Husted, Jim Jordan, Steve LaTourette, & Mary Taylor

IN Rep primary: Lugar vs. Don Bates, Mike Delph, & Dick Mourdock

PA: Bob Casey, Jr. vs. Marc Scaringi, Jake Corman, Charlie Dent, & Jim Gerlach

UT Rep primary: Orrin Hatch vs. Jason Chaffetz

Anonymous said...

1. We have to get an Ohio poll:
Brown v. Taylor/Jordan/ Latourette/ DeWine

2.Nebraska: Nelson v. Bruning, Heineman, generic Tea Party

3. North Dakota: Conrad, Pomeroy v. Schafer, Berg

Anonymous said...

Washington State:
-Dino Rossi vs. Maria Cantwell

-Sherrod Brown vs. ?

Anonymous said...

New Mexico: Gary Johnson vs Bingaman

Bush Tax Cuts, Afghanistan withdrawal, or given Johnson's involvement in drug reform: Legalization of Marijuana.

Anonymous said...

It is not time of find the strongest democrats for LA-Gov and MS-Gov like with the republicans for NC-Gov?

Anonymous said...

Indiana. Both gov and senate with or without lugar. And GOP senate primary.

Gregory said...

Those who are politically vulnerable should be polled first in the 2012 senatorial elections.

With that in mind, how about:

Ben Nelson vs. Jon Bruning
Ben Nelson vs. Pat Flynn

Kent Conrad vs. Wayne Stenehjem
Kent Conrad vs. Drew Wrigly

Joe Lieberman vs. Chris Murphy
Joe Lieberman vs. Linda McMahon
Joe Lieberman vs. Susan Bysiewicz
Joe Lieberman vs. Ned Lamont

Sherrod Brown vs. Jim Jordan
Sherrod Brown vs. Steve LaTourette

Olympia Snowe vs. Mike Michaud
Olympia Snowe vs. Rosa Scarcelli
Olympia Snowe vs. Chad Dewey (primary)
Olympia Snowe vs. Chandler Woodcock (primary)

Anonymous said...

OH senate: Sherrod Brown vs. Jim Jordan, Steve LaTourette, Jon Husted,

WI senate: Herb Kohl vs. Paul Ryan, Mike Huebsch, Tommy Thompson

ME GOP senate primary: Olympia Snowe vs. Chandler Woodcock & Scott D'Amboise

IN GOP senate primary: Dick Lugar vs. Richard Mourdock & Mike Delph

IN senate: Dick Lugar vs. Joe Donnelly & Brad Ellsworth

Anonymous said...

Texas, Tennessee, and maybe Arizona, although while I seem to remember a recent poll about that state, I am not sure if it was from you guys.

Anyway, there are senate races in all three of those states, and I'd be curious to see how the incumbents are doing.

In Texas, I'd like to see:
-Hutchinson v. Chet Edwards
-Hutchinson v. John Sharp
-Hutchinson v. Generic Democrat
-Michael Williams v. Chet Edwards
-Michael Williams v. John Sharp
-Michael Williams v. Generic Democrat
-David Dewhurst v. Chet Edwards
-David Dewhurst v. John Sharp
-David Dewhust v. Generic Democrat

Also, approval ratings for Hutchinson.

In Tennessee, I'd like to see:
-Bob Corker v. Generic Democrat
-Bob Corker v. Karl Dean
-Bob Corker v. A.C. Wharton
-Bob Corker v. Ron Littlefield
-Bob Corker v. Tommy Bragg

Also, approval ratings for Corker

In Arizona, I'd like to see:
-John Kyl v. Generic Democrat
-John Kyl v. Gabrielle Giffords
-John Kyl v. Ann Kirkpatrick
-John Kyl v. Harry Mitchell
-John Kyl v. Rodney Glassman
-John Kyl v. Janet Napolitano

Also, approval ratings for Kyl.

Anonymous said...

With Missouri already polled, I'd like to see a 2012 poll for Colorado, Ohio, Florida or Pennsylvania next.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin Senate: Test Kohl and Feingold against Paul Ryan.

Texas Senate: The Republican primary will be where the action is here. Some potential candidates include David Dewhurst, Greg Abbott, Roger Williams, Michael Williams, Dan Patrick, Elizabeth Ames, and Ron Paul. If you want to test any of them against a Democrat, John Sharp looks poised to enter the race.

Utah Senate: Chaffetz vs Hatch numbers might be nice, even if the convention will be where the coup likely happens.

NRH said...

My vote is still for Arizona. Kyl is up for re-election, and he didn't win by terribly impressive numbers last time. The swing in the Arizona Hispanic vote that we saw between McCain's 2008 and 2010 numbers was dramatic. In a year with strong Democratic turnout, like a Presidential year, and no native son McCain on the ballot, Arizona could well be in play at both the Presidential and Senatorial levels.

And in a state where Hispanic citizens make up 30% of the population but only 18% of the voters, Arizona could swing very blue very fast if the Arizona Democrats can get some traction on registration drives...

Anonymous said...

Arizona, I wanna see another poll of Giffords vs. Kyle in Arizona. I think this race could be very competitive. Giffords just won a race in a swing district and Kyle is not too liked. You polled on under the heavy republican turnout LV model had 53 to 39 for Gifford vs Kyle. I'd like to see if an RV poll of this race has it with in single digits and Kyle under 50%

Anonymous said...

POTUS polls for Iowa and South Carolina with the results of who does best among the GOP AND who does best against Obama - much like you did with the Montana poll - only preferably that you show both parts at the same time rather than making us wait.

Granny T

Anonymous said...

MS-Gov and LA-Gov. It would be nice to see if Republicans are in as strong a position in both of those as conventional wisdom would indicated.

WV-Gov: Tomblin/Tennant v. Capito/Raese

AZ-Sen: Kyl v. Giffords
NE-Sen: Nelson v. Bruning/Stenberg (plus primary between Bruning and Stenberg)
FL-Sen: Nelson v. Webster/Haridopolos/LeMieux
NJ-Sen: Menendez v. Lance/Garrett.

Illinoisguy said...

Why did you not post the primary results for Massachusetts? Just because it's obvious Mitt Romney wins it doesn't mean we don't want to see it. I would like to see New York and Idaho.

Anonymous said...

could we see a hypothetical Mississippi GOV poll with Ray Hood tested. In addition, I'd like to see a 2012 Roger Wicker vs. Gene Taylor matchup.

Anonymous said...

AZ: Kyl vs. Giffords, Mitchell, Glassman, Goddard

OH: Brown vs. Mary Taylor, Jim Jordan, Steve LaTourette

NE: Nelson vs. Jim Bruning & Pat Flynn

WI: Kohl vs. Paul Ryan & Tommy Thompson & Mike Huebsch

ND: Conrad vs. Stenehjem & Wrigley

Sarah said...

Polling in swing will probably be the best because they're most likely to be competetive.

How about:

[i]Ohio[i/]: Sherrod Brown Vs Jim Jordan, Steve Latourette, generic Republican, & Mary Taylor?

[i]Wisconsin[i/]: Herb Kohl Vs Paul Ryan, Jim Sensenbrenner, Tim Michels, & generic Republican?

[i]Nevada[i/]: Ensign Vs Shelley Berkeley, Kate Marshall, Ross Miller, Catherine Cortez-Masto?

[i]Florida[i/]: Ben Nelson Vs George LeMieux, generic Republican, Connie Mack, Adam Hasner, Tom Rooney, & Vern Buchanan?

How about also doing some presidential candidate polling in those states?

polling in WV is way too early because Manchin has only been there for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Senate races:

TN - Corker vs. Hank Williams, Jr. in a GOP primary then Corker vs. Harold Ford Jr. & a Generic Democrat for the senate election

OH - Brown vs. Steve LaTourette, Jim Jordan, & a Generic Republican

IN - Lugar vs. a Generic Republican in the primary and then Lugar vs. Ellsworth & Donnelly for the senate election.

UT - Hatch vs. Jason Chaffetz in a GOP primary then Hatch vs. Matheson & a Generic Democrat for the senate election

PA - Bob Casey vs. Marc Scaringi, Rick Santorum, & a Generic Republican

Anonymous said...

Sherrod Brown's senate seat HAS to be vulnerable because of Obama's negative approval rating there and because of the 2010 GOP OH gains so poll him against Jim Jordan, Steve laTourette, a Generic Republican, and maybe Mike Dewine.

Kent Conrad also has to be vulnerable because he voted for Obamacare and Obama's policies and if Dorgan's approval ratings tanked because he also supported Obama then Conrad's approval ratings have very likely tanked as well so poll Conrad against Wayne Stenehjem, Drew Wrigley, and a Generic Republican.

Dustin Ingalls said...

"POTUS polls for Iowa and South Carolina with the results of who does best among the GOP AND who does best against Obama - much like you did with the Montana poll - only preferably that you show both parts at the same time rather than making us wait."

We always split up the results. Also, as Tom noted last week, we're not doing states with just the presidential race until later. We want to get as much out of polling as possible, so if there's a governor's or senate race, then we'll poll it.

Also, I'll remind everyone again that we can't poll IN or ND.

Melissa G said...

Nelson in Nebraska is headed for defeat but poll him against Jim Brunning and a generic republican to see how badly he's doing.

Olympia Snowe is probably in trouble with republicans in Maine but the last primary poll had too many undecided so why not poll her against a generic republican and then against Maine's 2 Democratic representatives.

Although Sherrod Brown won handily in 2006 I think his pro-Obama votes will hurt him in 2011& 2012 so poll him against Jim Jordan, Steve LaTourette, & Husted.

And what about Herb Kohl in Wisconsin? His approval ratings have been dropping and WI has turned somewhat red so poll him against Paul Ryan, Tommy Thompson, a generic republican, and Jim Sensenbrenner to see how well he's doing with voters.

Dustin Ingalls said...

"TN - Corker vs. Hank Williams, Jr. in a GOP primary then Corker vs. Harold Ford Jr. & a Generic Democrat for the senate election"

Ford's said he's done running for anything in TN. He's a NYer now.

"Why did you not post the primary results for Massachusetts? Just because it's obvious Mitt Romney wins it doesn't mean we don't want to see it."

They're coming Monday. We only post one thing from each state a day, and we obviously didn't have time to post that when we polled Monday and Tuesday and started posting MA Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Ohio: Sherrod Brown vs. Steve LaTourette, Jim Jordan and Mary Taylor

New Mexico: Jeff Bingaman vs. Gary Johnson and Harry Teague

Wisconsin: Herb Kohl vs. Paul Ryan, Thommy Thompson, and some generic republican

Rhode Island: Sheldon Whitehouse vs. Scott Avedisian, Giovanne Cicione, Allen Fung and generic republican

Nevada: John Ensign vs. Dean Heller, Sharron Angle, Dan Tarkanian for the GOP primary.

John Ensign vs. Catherine Cortez Masto, Shelly Berkley, and a generic Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Florida. A Republican strategist said Bill Nelson would be a "dead man walking" if the election were today. Poll Connie Mack and Dan Webster as a Republican.

Anonymous said...

@Dustin Ingalls,

Are there any other states besides IN and ND that are completely un-doable for your polls? It might be nice to know when giving future suggestions.

Anonymous said...

In TX: Hutchison vs. Roger Williams, David Dewhurst, Michael Williams, Elizabeth Ames Jones, etc. for the republican primary.

Hutchison vs. John Sharp for the general senatorial election.

In WI: Herb Kohl vs. Tommy Thompson, Paul Ryan and a genric republican

In OH: Sherrod Brown vs. Jim Jordan, generic republican and Mary Taylor

In PA: Bob Casey vs. Marc Scaringi, Charlie Dent and Gerlach

Dustin Ingalls said...

"Are there any other states besides IN and ND that are completely un-doable for your polls? It might be nice to know when giving future suggestions."

No, we can poll in the other 48. We do frequently mention that we can't do IN or ND, but we get different people reading different posts. We technically can do both of those states, but at much greater cost (and in the case of IN, a headache of logistical difficulty), and since no one is paying us to do these polls, we'd rather not lose more money on them than we already do.

Anonymous said...

When will the Manchin-Capito numbers from the last WV poll be released? Tom mentioned it waaaay back on Nov. 8: "here's a ton of data from our final round of elections polls that we'll be getting out in the next couple weeks- we have...Manchin v. Capito numbers"

Unknown said...

North Dakota, with and without Kent Conrad

Anonymous said...

Poll New Jersey approval numbers for Christie Obama Menendez and Lautenberg and Poll Obama vs Chris Christie Presidential General Election and 2012 Senate "since PPP said last year Menendez is vulernable" Menendez vs Kean Jr Dobbs Guadagno and Tea Party backed st. sen Mike Doherty

bpfish said...

In preferred order:

1. OH Sen: Brown vs. Jordan, LaTourette (skip DeWine; he just became AG).

2. CT Sen: 3-way with Lieberman, Chris Murphy, and McMahon, Simmons, and Schiff.

3. WI Sen: Kohl and Feingold vs. Ryan and various non-House members (since they're in the majority)

4. ME Sen: Poll the GOP primary and a 3-way with Snowe as an indie, Pingree/Michaud for the Dems, and a far right GOP nominee other than LePage. This may be totally irrelevant until the GOP nominee gets enough attention.

5. PA Sen: Casey vs. Santorum, Gerlach, Dent.

6. IN Sen (GOP Primary): Lugar vs. Pence, Daniels, Hostettler, Rokita. There's an open seat Gov race as well.

7. ND Sen: See how vulnerable Conrad is with a 2012 voter screen. Open seat Gov race as well.

8. RI Sen: Whitehouse vs. Robitaille (probably won't be close, but nice to confirm).

EmilyRSVP said...

Quick suggestion is to check the reference section of the Wikipedia articles.,_2012

Granted Wikipedia isn't the best source in the world, but the links in the reference section are pretty good especially for knowing which pols are mulling a potential run and pols have publicly declined.

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