Wednesday, January 19, 2011

West Virginia and North Carolina Suggestions

Up for this weekend we have West Virginia and North Carolina polls. What should we ask?

Obviously we're going to look at the races for Senate and Governor in West Virginia. Testing Shelley Moore Capito against Joe Manchin is a definite for the Senate race- thoughts on other Republicans we should look at? Also we're not going to be able to test all 42 million possible general election contests for Governor so thoughts on who you think it's most important we include on the Democratic and Republican sides would be appreciated as well.

North Carolina any question ideas would be much appreciated- have to poll there every month because it's our home state but the fact that the Governor's race for next year is practically already set means we have to dig deeper for good things to ask on a month to month basis.

Thanks as always-



Anonymous said...

hagan vs dole rematch i know its unlikely but id like to see that. second test betty ireland for the gov race against tennant and other dems. ireland is the most likely r nominee

Anonymous said...

I would like see Moore Capito for both races, senate and governor.

I would like see an open mix of potential candidates in the democratic primary:

- Carte Goodwin
- Earl Tomblin
- Nick Rahall
- Natalie Tennant
- John Perdue
and the other candidates (Kessler, McCabe, Thompson,...).

It is necessary to have good references.

Unknown said...

If the electorate were exactly the same as it was in 2008 and people voted the same the Democrats will win. You should be asking people who they voted for in 2008 and determine how much of the electorate didn't vote then. There's always electorate turnover and some Republicans stayed home in 2008.

Will all the Obama voters return? Will some go Republican? Will some stay home?

Some people believe that there are Obama voters who regret their 2008 vote and voted Republican in 2010. Do these people exist? If so, what percentage of the electorate are they?

Anonymous said...

Please ask voters in each state if they favor/oppose eliminating the Electoral College and elect the US President by National Popular Vote.

NRH said...

Butch Davis or Roy Williams, as the not-so-serious popular athletic coach option, in NC.

For West Virginia, a check on name recognition - the mythical 'Robert Byrd Junior' and see how many people pick that one despite there being no such person (Byrd had two daughters, no sons, and no descendants named 'Robert').

Anonymous said...

For North Carolina:
1. Roy Cooper Fav/Unfav, primary match up with Purdue, as well as general election match ups for gov 2012
2. Voters' opinions on education budget cuts i.e. UNC system and whether that makes them more or less likely to support their state lawmaker
3. Opinions on holding the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

For West Virginia:
1. GOP gov candidates: Ireland, Capito, Generic R.
2. If voters think National Democratic party too liberal, too conservative, or just right, and the same question about the West Virginia Democratic Party

Anonymous said...

For WV Governor's Race:
State Treasurer John Perdue
Secretary of State Natalie Tennant
Acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin
House Speaker Rick Thompson
Acting Senate Pres. Jeff Kessler
State Sen. Brooks McCabe
fmr. U. S. House candidate Mike Oliverio

Please don't include either Carte Goodwin or Nick Rahall as either party is extremely unlikely to pursue such a course. (I speak as a West Virginia resident and political observer.)

For the Reps:

U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito
fmr. SOS Betty Ireland
State GOP Chair Mike Stuart
fmr. Revenue Secy. Rob Capehart

Anonymous said...

West Virginia:
-In light of the recent shootings in Tucson, was the tv ad made during the last campaign by Sen. Joe Manchin shooting the cap and trade bill appropriate?

-Sen. Joe Manchin was not present for votes on The DREAM Act or the Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Manchin stated that he was attending a Christmas party that had been scheduled for more than a year. Is Manchin's excuse acceptable to you? Does it make you more likely to support Manchin for re-election to the Senate in 2012, less likely, or does it not make a difference?

For North Carolina:Add into the matchup with Obama whomever is chosen to give the response to the SOTU. Then repoll with the same person when you poll the state in a month.

MilesC56 said...

I'd like to know what Earl Ray Tomblin's approvals are.

Also, you should test how Manchin does in a rematch against Raese.

Gubernatorial Democrats:

-Mike Oliverio
-Carte Goodwin
-Natalie Tennant
-Ear Ray Tomblin

Emily said...

Claire McCaskill said the other day to a newspaper that St. Louis that the city isn't likely to hosts the 2012 DNC, so curious show North Carolinians feel about hosting the 2012 DNC in Charlotte.

TOTALLY curious if Carte would do better, worst or the same if he were the Democratic nominee in the U.S. Senate elction rather then Joe Manchin.

Natalie Tennant is totally going to run for governor.

In North Carolina, Kay Hagan voted against the DREAM Act and other "Obama Agenda" votes so curious if it hurt or helped her.

Anonymous said...

Order of importance for candidates-
1) Earl Ray Tomblin
2) Natalie Tennant
3) John Perdue
4) Jeff Kessler
5) Rick Thompson
6) Brooks McCabe

1) Betty Ireland
2) Clark Barnes
3) Shelley Moore Capito
4) Mark Sorsaia
5) Mike Stuart

Senate race-
Test Ireland here too and freshman Rep. David McKinley

Anonymous said...

I'm also totally curious about Carte Goodwin, Nick Rahall and Mike Oliverio.

Not only the mix of obvious candidates, please, I'm not interested in more than a half of them (they are no-name candidates with 0 chance of be elected).

Anonymous said...

Don't bother wasting time with Shelley Moore Capito since she declined to run this week.

SUPER curious to see if Carte Goodwin would be doing better, worst or the same if his name was on the ballot for U.S. Senate instead of Joe Manchin.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to what my fellow Heels think about Fox news. Also, what they think about the great Repeal Patients Rights effort. In other words, I want to know how badly they've been misled.

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