Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Voting Time

The finalists for where we'll poll this week are:

-Connecticut. This state is quickly becoming the Buffalo Bills of poll votes. Actually the Buffalo Bills finished second. Connecticut usually doesn't do that. Maybe it's becoming the Harold Stassen of poll votes. At any rate we will keep putting this open seat Senate race out there every time and perhaps some day it will win.

-Hawaii. I am a little reluctant to poll this state before the candidate field becomes clearer but if it wins we can start out by testing the big names and see what happens.

-Mississippi. One of the rare states where we have the trifecta of a Gubernatorial, Senate, and Presidential race to poll for this cycle. Particularly interested in seeing if the state's voters are into the Barbour Presidential candidacy or not.

-New Hampshire. Really most interested in the general election here because there's been conflicting polling but we can also confirm for the 40 millionth poll in a row that Mitt Romney has the edge by a wide margin in the GOP primary as well.

-Ohio. A little reluctant to poll here again before we really have any idea who's going to run against Sherrod Brown but we can throw some names at him and also see if John Kasich's managed to make himself as unpopular as Scott Walker yet.

-Vermont. Is Bernie Sanders really vulnerable? I frankly have no idea, we've never done a public poll in Vermont so don't know if he's popular or not.

Voting is open until roughly 4:30 Wednesday. Just doing the top vote getter this week because we also have our national poll to do. And as always, don't vote 42 million times for the same state or we'll throw it out.


Miles said...

Sanders is about as vulnerable as Gillibrand or Cardin...

Anonymous said...

I would encourage people to vote for Mississippi. Most of these contests are forgone conclusions and even though the republicans are the favorite in MS, strange things can happen in an off year gubernatorial contest. Mississippi had some competitive gubernatorial elections before Barbour was re-elected.

yokem55 said...

Any chance the national poll can get some questions on intervention in Libya? The Rassmussen numbers are interesting but the question was a bit too vague. Maybe something along the lines of Do you support the US using military action in the crisis in Libya?

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