Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This week's poll finalists

It's North Carolina week so we're just going to do one other state poll this week. Here are the choices:

-Colorado. We haven't polled it in six months now and that's the longest we've gone without polling any of the pivotal swing states so it's well overdue for a look.

-Hawaii. Ed Case's somewhat dubious internal poll released today that showed Mazie Hirono trailing Linda Linge when all other polling has shown Hirono up double digits has me ready to take our first look at this race since March.

-Iowa. It's been a couple months since we last polled the state and it would be good to have a 'real' poll there headed into Ames week...has Rick Perry's momentum taken enough of the shine off Michele Bachmann to put Mitt Romney back in first place there?

-South Carolina. Another one where my primary interest is to see the Perry effect- after seeing him pull ahead of Romney in the Virginia numbers we released today I wouldn't be shocked to see him in or near the lead in South Carolina too.

-West Virginia. With Kentucky looking more and more like it will not be competitive this could be the closest Gubernatorial race in the country this year. And it would be interesting to see the Joe Manchin/Shelley Moore Capito numbers after the debt ceiling debate.

Voting's open for 24 hours and then we'll take question suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Next week could you put up Ohio as one of the choices??? I would like to get verification from Qunnipiac's recent number showing Kasich falling even more. Also, want to see if Mandel is having an impact and what Jim Jordan would be doing as a Senate candidate were he to get in.

Anonymous said...

Poll marijuana + gay marriage for Colorado as they're probably going to have ballot measures on them in 2012.

Anonymous said...

CO. No-brainer.

IA is probably worth a look before Ames but I wouldn't get too spastic overpolling it.

WV is a good option. Interested to see Manchin's numbers. Obama's approval should be positively ghastly there.

HI, SC: not really interested in anything there right now. I wouldn't waste time on a trailing primary and rebutting an internal poll.

Anonymous said...

You should consider polling Ohio the week after next. Lots going on. In particular the Dems announced today they may try to put the new elections law up for a vote in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Colorado and North Carolina will be good ones for showing how the President stands after the 'solution' to the budget debate.

Ordinarily I would suggest Kentucky because it hasn't been polled for a very long time -- but it isn't going to decide anything. CO and NC will.

Anonymous said...

You really should check on the numbers leading up to the Ames, IA, straw poll next week. That's currently the biggest game in town.

Pat H said...

Personally, Colorado can wait. West Virginia actually has an election this year. There is only 3 months to poll(or less) to poll the Governor's race there. There is no rush to poll Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Iowa...a purple-state...c'mon...please?

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