Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Louisiana Poll Preview

We're going to have Louisiana Senate numbers out tomorrow and here's some interesting food for thought:

-44% of voters say that David Vitter is not a good model of Christian living to only 21% who say he is.

-32% of voters say Charlie Melancon is a better representative of Christian values to just 22% who say Vitter is.

How much do voters actually care about that stuff? Our numbers tomorrow may give a clue.

Here's a couple other interesting things:

-More Republicans (32%) think Vitter is a good model of Christian living than think he is not (30%.)

-And because not all polling has to be serious we asked voters which of these guys they'd rather their daughter was married to- 24% said Melancon, 17% said Vitter, and 55% chose the option we gave of 'I wouldn't want my daughter married to any politician.'

We'll have the Senate numbers out tomorrow.


Christian Liberty said...

"a better representative of Christian values"

There's a big difference between someone acting as a moral private individual... and entrusting someone with government power. If voters are to entrust someone with government power, they would need to make the moral choices on taxes, the role of government, energy production, healthcare, etc. In short, they would need to support LIMITED, CONSTITUTIONAL government. So it is no surprise at all that conservative ideology is more important in a government official than is their personal lives. Why trust a Democrat who would make the wrong decision on every important issue, just because he lives an upstanding personal life? An elected official's support of constitutional principles is more important to his role as an elected official than his personal life.

Exactly what part of that do you not understand?!? Government must be limited. Elected officials must support limiting the power of the federal government or they cannot be trusted to be a part of the federal government.

Christian Liberty said...

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."
George Washington

As the Founding Fathers intended (and as all moral and rational people would support) those elected to federal government must always be those who believe that government power MUST be LIMITED. Until the Democrat senate leader rejoins the mainstream and steps back from their far-far-left extremism, voters will reject anyone who would support or condone the far-left Democrat tyranny. The mainstream of voters will continue to support the mainstream of elected officials, those who believe that the federal government has become much too powerful and must be downsized.

Anonymous said...

Christian Liberty:

Are you for sleazy "diaper" David? What do you think about Brent Furer? Letting someone continue to work on women's issues/giving him a pay raise after he had attacked women? I want an ethical Congress first, then a partisan Congress. I am willing to vote out Democrats, and replace them with Republicans and vise versa if they have ethical problems.

Dustin & Tom:
Did you do any Brent Furer questions?

Dustin Ingalls said...

"Did you do any Brent Furer questions?"


CL: I imagine you were of the same mindset in the '90s regarding Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Dustin, that's too bad. I would think that the Brent Furer thing would be sticking more than the other one with Louisiana voters. It sure sticks more with me.

Anonymous said...

All things considered, it will nonetheless be David Vitter winning big in November.

Anonymous said...

When are these numbers coming out....

Anonymous said...

Why did you leak to TPM that Vitter leads 51-41 and then hold back on publishing it yet?

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