Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summing it all up

Last week someone asked me what poll data I would use to sum up what's happening in this election in the simplest terms possible. Here it is:

-On our last national poll 49% of respondents said the economy had gotten worse since Barack Obama became President.

-The folks who thought the economy had gotten worse who had already decided how to vote in November are going Republican by a 92-8 margin.

If voters think the economy's gotten worse under a Democratic President they're going to vote Republican. Add in the Democrats' enthusiasm issues and you have the formula for the big GOP victory that's likely on the way.


Unknown said...

Rasumssen's presidential tracking poll has President Obama with a 50% approval rating. The last time it was higher was September of 2009. The economy is not great, but it is significantly better than two years ago. That story is slowly getting out.


Anonymous said...

lilly, rasmussen has showed Barry at 50% before. It'll drop back down, when you poll everyday, you are going to hit some glitches.

Anonymous said...

The economy is not great? Wow THAT is an understatement. The administration PROMISED the stimulus would CAP unemployment at 8%. It didn't more than 800 billion dollars wasted. Add to that $1.2 trillion Obamacare, $1.4 trillion Obama deficits, and you can see why voters are angry at Obama and the Democrats for their dramatic overreach and failure. By the way, most polls have Obama at 42% approval rating 'Lily nice world you live in.
We the voters live in reality however. I can see November from my house ...

Anonymous said...

Fair point, Tom.

MarkJ said...

The economy is not great, but it is significantly better than two years ago.

Gee, that's odd. According to a recent communique from the National Bureau of Economic Research, the recession supposedly ended in June 2009. Accordingly, shouldn't we now be at 5% unemployment and all drinking free Bubble-Up on top of Obama's Rock Candy Mountain? Last I checked, official unemployment was stalled at 9.6% and 13 states still had Depression-level numbers. Something tells me the dewy bloom has since dried up on the "hope and change rose" in places like Michigan and Nevada, you betcha.

Anonymous said...

Lily said, "[The economy] is significantly better than two years ago."

What are you talking about? We've had a net job loss since then! The market is down since then and our debt is even higher. Get your head out of the sand and stop quoting the Democrat party spin lines. Accept reality!

Christian Liberty said...

Under Obama's watch, in 2009:

Unemployment increased substantially. Real unemployment is above 16%. Millions are so discouraged about the possibility of finding employment that the Department of Labor doesn't include them in the "labor force".

Median household income declined or stagnated in every state, except ND. Median household income declined or stagnated in every one of the 52 largest metro areas, except San Antonio.

The percentage of Americans living below the poverty line is the largest in 15 years. 41 million Americans are on food stamps -- a record high. Consumer spending experienced the biggest decline since 1942.

---> It is an undeniable fact that the economy has indeed gotten worse since Obama became president.

Not to mention that Obama has MADE THE ECONOMY WORSE, not just failed to make any improvement.

The fundamental problems with the economy:

--too much debt
--taxes too high
--government spending too much, crowding out private enterprise and private charity
--regulations too numerous, burdensome, and arbitrary

Obama has made every single one of these worse. It is absolutely appropriate to fault Obama for driving the economy in the WRONG direction.

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