Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama slips in Montana

Barack Obama is pretty unpopular in Montana and may have lost out on his best chance to win the state in 2008- unless the Republicans end up nominating Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich.

Obama came within 3 points of victory in Montana the last time around but now only 41% of voters in the state approve of the job he's doing while 54% disapprove. It's a Republican state to begin with and beyond that Republican voters are much more unified in their disapproval of Obama (94%) than Democrats are in their favor of him (84%). He's lost more support than he's gained since falling just short in the 2008 election.

Because of Obama's diminished popularity two Republicans- Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee- lead him by much larger margins in hypothetical match ups than what John McCain attained in the state. Romney has a 50-39 advantage over Obama and Huckabee leads him 51-41. Montana doesn't look like it would be a swing state right now with either of them as the GOP nominee.

Things look a lot more interesting though if Palin or Gingrich were to get the nod. Palin leads Obama only 47-45 and Gingrich's advantage over the President is just 46-44. Most striking is the numbers with independents if one of them was to be nominee. Obama leads Palin by 18 points with them at 52-34 and Gingrich by 17 points with them at 49-32. Not exactly the kind of numbers you would expect to see in a conservative state.

Only Huckabee out of the Republican candidates is viewed particularly favorably in Montana. 46% of voters have a positive opinion of him to 35% with a negative one. Romney comes close to breaking even at 38/39. The rest of the field meanwhile is pretty unpopular- Palin's favorability breakdown is 44/50 and Gingrich's is 34/47. These poor reviews for the GOP front runners in a state that's been largely a Republican stronghold at the Presidential level are emblematic of the weakness of this potential candidate field.

Obama's lost some ground in Montana and 2008 was probably his best opportunity to win the state but if he gets one of the weaker Republicans as his opponent the next time around he may have a chance there again.

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truthman said...

once again the liberal agenda at ppp is used to discredit palin. she would cream obambi, while the mormon romney would roll over

Agorism said...

With regards to your poll

I vote for write in candidate: Ron Paul

Rhys from TX said...

Don't like any of them. Ron Paul...why isn't he on this list?

Anonymous said...

They included Donald Trump and left Ron Paul out? Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

WOW, no Ron Paul? He's easily in the top 5 of republican contenders. 5th I would say, but top 5 none the less. Any chance on adding him as a choice? It would be much appreciated.

Marvin said...

I'm seriously considering registering as a Republican so I can vote for Palin in the primaries. It would be a beautiful thing to watch her take down the Republican Party in 2012... It would be truly sweet. They would get what they deserve for foisting her idiocy upon the world in the first place.

If Palin does end up as the nominee it's going to be really shameful for the states that actually vote her to be President. Seriously... shameful. That would be a disgrace, any state that votes for Palin should be a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Ron Paul from Texas

wt said...

Donald Trump was not included guys. He's one possible option (at this point losing badly) for PPP's next set of presidential polls.

Also, the Ron Paul thing was cute at first. I thought about joining in and clamoring for him as a joke, but now it's kind of beyond funny. There are other, more useful, candidates to poll right now. You can possibly vote on Ron Paul or Gary Johnson as a bonus candidate in a future reader poll.

Anonymous said...

Good for poll:

Ben Nelson - Dave Heineman
Ben Nelson - David Karnes
Ben Nelson - Jon Christensen
Ben Nelson - Lee Terry
Ben Nelson - Jon Bruning
Ben Nelson - Shane Osborn

Kent Conrad - Ed Schafer
Kent Conrad - Jack Dalrymple

Claire McCaskill - John Ashcroft
Claire McCaskill - Jim Talent

Sherrod Brown - Mike DeWine
Sherrod Brown - Mike Oxley
Sherrod Brown - Steve LaTourette
Sherrod Brown - Pat Tiberi
Sherrod Brown - Jim Jordan

Herb Kohl - Paul Ryan
Herb Kohl - Jim Sensenbrenner
Russ Feingold - Paul Ryan
Russ Feingold - Jim Sensenbrenner

Anonymous said...

Try polling Chris Christie. I wonder what the numbers would be if you polled Christie vs. Obama in New Jersey?

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