Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NC split on Obama

Barack Obama's position in North Carolina has weakened a little bit over the last month, although he continues to be in better shape in the state than he was throughout most of 2010. 47% of voters approve of the job he's doing to 48% who disapprove and he leads 3 out of 4 of his top potential Republican opponents in head to head match ups. A month ago he had slightly positive approval numbers at a 49/47 breakdown and led all 4 of the Republicans.

The one Republican who holds the slightest of advantages over Obama in North Carolina is Mike Huckabee, who leads the President 47-46. Huckabee is also the only one of the leading potential GOP contenders that voters in the state have on balance a positive opinion of. 43% rate him favorably to 34% with an unfavorable view. The rest are in net negative territory with Mitt Romney at 37/39, Newt Gingrich at 30/48, and Sarah Palin at 37/57.

Given their unpopularity it's no surprise that Obama continues to lead the rest of the Republican hopefuls in North Carolina. He's up 47-44 on Romney, 48-44 on Gingrich, and 51-41 on Palin.

Compared to a month ago Obama's dropped 5 points against Huckabee, who he led 49-45 last time and 2 points against Gingrich who he led 50-44 last time. His numbers against Romney remain unchanged and he's actually gained a point on Palin.

The main reason for his diminished standing when matched against Huckabee is that Obama now trails him by 5 points with independents, where a month ago the President actually held an 11 point advantage. That's consistent with a bit of downward turn in Obama's numbers with independents nationally, which had seen a spike in January in the wake of the Tucson shooting and the Republicans assuming control of Congress.

The big picture on Obama's numbers in North Carolina remains the same- he's certainly not going to run away with the state next year but he'll have about an even chance of taking it again and it should be very close once more.

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I Am Iron Man said...

I think Huckabee only does so well in these general election polls (in comparison to other Republicans) because people don't know much about him. The more they find out about him, the worse he will do. He is a far right winger on social issues and that will not fly in 2012.

Anonymous said...

We have known Huckabee since his 2008 Campaign, and what he believes in is what makes us love him passionately to support his presidential bid for 2012.

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