Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crazy Voicemails

One of my favorite blog features has always been the 'crazy e-mail of the day' whenever someone sends us something that's particularly out to lunch. We also get crazy voicemails and I think I figured out how to make those listenable so let's try this out:

-This one we got yesterday. It's not obscene or offensive, just a little nuts. Listen here

-This one needs to have about the biggest listener advisory imaginable. Obscene, racist, pretty much every offensive thing you can imagine. We warned you...listen here

I hope these links work...


OC said...

Is it legal for me to sample these and make them into some sort psychotic ambient masterpiece?

Actually I don't care; I'm doing it anyway!


Tom Jensen said...

Go for it!

caheidelberger said...

You're right about the first one: just nuts. But the second one actually made me laugh. Was it just a recitation of Twitter's S#!*MyDadSays?

Anonymous said...

The first one is far scarier than the second one because it doesn't sound completely unhinged. The latter was made by a guy that sounds like he has had a few too many cold ones. Plus, he's probably too stupid to find his car keys.

On another note, I have to say that one reason I love this site so much is that you fight back against the stupidity in the comments and laugh at the insanity directed towards your company.

Shadrach said...

All that over polls? Some people know there is truth in the polling you release, but just can't bring themselves to believe it in their minds. I don't buy all of Rasmussen's polling and think there is bias in it sometimes, but I certainly would never call them up and leave threatening, hateful messages. It was really laughable that the first nut was calling you hateful just for releasing polling he didn't like, how delusional is that?

Anonymous said...

Nice feature

AG said...

Could you transcribe these so I don't have to listen to the idiots voices?

Granny T said...

That second guy needs a bar of soap to clean up his mouth!

Yes, I know you can tell I'm a Granny.

Jayant Reddy said...

You know, my wife gets annoyed and is puzzled that I spend time on political blogs, especially AFTER an election when she thinks I should be "done."

And although I give my wife and kids plenty of attention from my perspective and I handle most of hte household chores even while working full-time, there are moments when I realize I've been on the computer too damn long.

And even as obsessive a poltiical junkie as I am, even I can't be bothered to make a harrassing phone call toward a political target, no matter how angry I might be.

So I just marvel at how batshit crazy those people must be to have gone out of their way to leave those voicemail messages.

James D said...

Tom i think you have a great little outfit here. Love how people decide the polls. Keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

From the looks of the first one, it looks like someones going to try to set you up with a scheme to catch you helping an 'underage prostitute' receive birth control.

The second one, its just LOL.

Todd Dugdale said...

One can only wonder how polling Walker's popularity can be considered "hateful". Even Rasmussen shows Walker's position to be unpopular. Does the caller intend to shut them down, too?

While the second caller concisely summarises the current Republican 'philosophy' quite accurately, he seems to lack the cognition skills required to see the difference between polling and enacting legislation. He does offer a policy solution, however: line up all of the "liberals" and have them shot.

Sadly, this seems to be the crude form of the current Republican agenda. It is not about jobs, or the deficit, or even "socialism".
It is, instead, the "Big Shut-Up": beat up the Left, silence anyone who does not offer up enthusiastic approval, and threaten their jobs.

We've gone from "dissent is treason", to "dissent is patriotic", to "dissenters should be shot" in the space of six years.

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