Thursday, August 4, 2011

Berkley crushing Georgiou

If Byron Georgiou wins the Democratic nomination for the Senate from Nevada he will have accomplished something unprecedented in PPP's polling- climbing back from a 65 point deficit.

Shelley Berkley leads Georgiou 71-6, an even more lopsided margin than in April when we found her leading 65-8. As you might imagine with a lead that large Berkley is up big with every segment of the Democratic electorate. One interesting group to note is the small share of primary voters- 15%- who disapprove of Harry Reid. Georgiou has made his distaste for Reid quite public so you would think if he was going to get traction with anyone it would be those folks. No dice- Berkley leads 48-18 with them.

So Georgiou has basically no chance at the Democratic nomination but he's suggested he might run as an independent, something that would ostensibly hurt Berkley's chances of winning the general election. Well maybe not- more than 3 times as many Democrats- 22%- have a negative opinion of Georgiou as a positive one- 7%. Those numbers don't suggest the ability to peel off a lot of Democrats.

Georgiou doesn't appear terribly likely to be a factor in either a primary or general election.

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Anonymous said...

Do voters know about Berkley proposing legislation for a tax holiday for corporations that offshore jobs?

That alone would not make her lose to Georgiou, but it would depress her lead over him.

Anonymous said...

@First Anon: It wouldn't help, but any difference it did make would probably be insignificant.

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