Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kentucky/South Carolina Question Suggestions

Kentucky and South Carolina won our vote on where to poll this week. We'll obviously poll the Presidential race in both states, Senate and Governor approval ratings, and the Governor's race in Kentucky. Beyond those things what questions would you like to see us ask in those states?


Anonymous said...

Poll Kentucky's AG race. GOP there is more or less walking away from the Gov race, and pouring all their resources behind Todd P'Pool. And he's on TV but Conway isn't. Would love to see the state of the race.

Matt D said...

Do a Conway-Paul rematch. I'm not expecting a huge shift, but it would be interesting to see results. And do generic ballot for legislatures.

Anonymous said...

Do you all plan to poll the Attorney General's race?

NRH said...

For both, attitudes on marriage equality, preferences on the Civil War, and preferences on taxes/spending - cut medicaid and medicare only, raise taxes only, or cut both programs some and raise taxes some.

Anonymous said...

OT: Why do supposed libertarians like Ron Paul supporters feel a private polling company owes them something?

For KY/SC...

How about rank these steps for reducing debt from fave to least? Raise taxes on wealthiest to Clinton levels, a balanced budget amendment that didn't raise taxes but included cuts to social security and Medicare beneficiaries, raise taxes on everyone to Clinton levels, deeper cuts to military.

Anonymous said...

Some SC suggestions:

Hillary Clinton favorables

Romney vs. Perry vs. Bachmann vs. Paul (or whatever your best guess is for the actual field at that time)

"How important is it for the Republican nominee for President to have business experience?"

"How important is it for the Republican nominee for President to have served in the military?"

"How important is it for the Republican nominee for President to have religious beliefs similar to yours?"

KY suggestions:

"Do you believe that the U.S. economy is in a recession?"

"Should the federal government continue the payroll tax cut passed by President Obama before it expires at the end of the year, even if keeping this tax cut would increase the budget deficit?"

"The President will introduce a jobs plan early in September. Do you think that this plan will succeed in creating jobs?"

Anonymous said...

Another vote for KY AG... P'Pool v. Conway

Jeff said...

The AG and SoS races are worth polling. A look at the gubernatorial running mates would be cool. Farmer was very popular before the campaign so it'll be good to see if he still has a political career to fall back on. And if Jerry Abramson is elected Lt. Gov he'll likely run for Gov next time so an early look wouldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Graham reelect numbers and rematch of Haley vs Shaheen and 2016 Democratic Primary

Mel said...

Rand Paul approval rating.

Patrick said...

In Virginia and North Carolina you asked about sports favorites; I'm guessing you were looking to see how many northern expats were changing the vote (as it turned out, quite a bit).

South Carolina might have a few northern expats too (cf. Might you ask about sports team affiliations?

Anonymous said...

Kentucky LG, AG, generic ballot for legislature

Anonymous said...

Poll the secretary of state race in KY it would be interesting to see who is leading in that race

Sam said...

For both:

-Gay Marriage Legal/Illegal

-Marriage/Civil Unions/No rec. for gay couples

-Favor a law banning discrimination against gay and lesbian people in the workplace, housing, and public accommodations.

-Congressional Electoral Ballot for 2012 (Will you be voting democratic or republican in the next election?)

Anonymous said...

please poll the competitive down the ballot open seat races.

Auditor: Edelen vs. Kemper
Agriculture Commissioner: Comer vs. Farmer
Secretary of State: Lundergan Grimes vs Johnson

you can also poll the two incumbents up for re-election

Attorney General: Conway(I) vs P'Pool
Treasurer: Hollenbach (I) vs Crosbie

Anonymous said...

These states should be interesting, thanks for taking suggestions!!

For Kentucky, maybe ask about whether voters support or oppose using public money to fund that Noah's Ark replica/museum, or even just a more general question about the separation of church and state (which might be interesting in SC too) like "should there be total separation, no separation," etc.

And for both states it would be great to see numbers regarding same-sex marriage (legal/illegal and marriage/civil union/none). It would be particularly interesting to see how attitudes on this issue are changing (or maybe not) in Appalachia and the Southeast, regions which seem to be relatively underpolled on issues like gay rights. And I'm not sure I've ever seen reliable polling on the issue in either state.

Anonymous said...

For South Carolina, could you ask a question about retired Senator Fritz Hollings. I'd like to know if he is still popular down there.

Anonymous said...

Slightly unrelated, but I'd love to see a poll of Illinois. Last I've heard, Governor Quinn is unpopular and it would be interesting to see what state residents are thinking of him, as well as of Kirk and Durbin (especially the former). The presidential race obviously favors Obama, but the home state numbers are interesting anyway, and the state could be competitive in the primaries.

Anonymous said...

We really need to see what the Southern views are on same-sex marriage in your legal/illegal question. We've seen lots of numbers from the East, Midwest and West but very little from the South.

Then obviously we need to see how Rick Perry's doing in South Carolina and Kentucky for that matter. Also how is the Beshear/Williams race going in Kentucky the legislative generic? And obviously the usual horserace numbers of Obama vs Perry and the other top contenders. Thanks for asking our feedback and I hope this helps!

Grim Ego said...

A good question would be whether evolution, creationism, or both should be taught in school.

Yellow Dog said...

Poll the $40 million in tax dollars Beshear wants to give the freakazoids at the Flintstones Truther Park.

Poll energy: Should Kentucky continue to make coal our primary energy source or invest in renewable clean energy.

Poll raising taxes on the rich.

Poll budget cuts vs. job creation (and try to make clear that budget cuts do NOT create jobs)

Kentuckian said...

KY: Did the 2010 senate election make you more or less likely to vote for Conway for AG?

It's always interesting how politicians can lose an election, but win a different one the very next year.

Mountaintop removal.

Anonymous said...

2012 Republican Nomination w/o Palin, Giuliani.

Head-to-Head Obama v. Perry, Romney, Bachmann, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Drop KY Gov and poll instead Auditor's race and support/oppose Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

You should ask about the importance of a presidential candidate bring Southern. (as in, would you be more likely to vote for a Southern candidate, or would it make no difference?)

Ethan said...

For Kentucky: Poll all downballot races (A-G, SoS, Treasurer, Auditor, Ag Commissioner) and Paul and McConnell's approval

James said...

I would like to see Kentucky AG poll numbers. P'Pool vs. Conway

Anonymous said...

Do you believe Mitch McConnell's position as Minority Leader is positive or negative for Kentucky?

Do you believe current EPA regulations are too tough, about right, or not tough enough?/ Would you support abolishing the EPA?

Would you support an increase in sales tax if it came with a decrease in the income tax?

Fun sports questions:
Aside from Adolph Rupp, who would you say was UK's best basketball coach?

-Joe B. Hall
-Rick Pitino
-Tubby Smith
-John Calipari

Do you believe John Calipari is good for the Kentucky basketball program?

Anonymous said...

Will you poll sports team popularity in Kentucky? Colts/Reds/Bengals/Cardinals and also UK vs. UofL?

Mark B. said...

I'd like to see a look at the AG race too.

Anonymous said...

KY: I would like to see results for every statewide race 2011.

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