Monday, August 15, 2011

Perry tied in NC, CO

Rick Perry's only been in the Presidential race for two days but based on our most recent round of state polling he's already close to deserving co-front runner status. We found him tied for the lead last week among Republican voters in both Colorado and North Carolina, two very different states and also two that are a long way from Texas.

In North Carolina Perry's in a three way tie with Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. Each is getting 17%. Herman Cain at 11% and Newt Gingrich at 10% round out the candidates in double digits and Michele Bachmann at 9%, Ron Paul at 7%, Tim Pawlenty at 2% (the poll was conducted before he dropped out), and Jon Huntsman at 1% represent the rest of the field.

Perry also led a PPP poll conducted in Virginia two weeks ago. It's clear he's going to be an extremely formidable candidate in the South and I'd expect that the next time we poll South Carolina he's either going to be in the lead or awfully close to it.

Perry's strength in Colorado might be more of a surprise. There he and Romney each get 20%, followed by Bachmann at 12%, Palin at 11%, Paul at 8%, Cain at 7%, Gingrich at 6%, Pawlenty at 3%, and Huntsman at 2%.

In both states Bachmann gains a lot of ground if you take Palin out of the picture. In North Carolina she and Perry tie at 17% with Romney at 16% and Paul and Gingrich at 11%. In Colorado she goes up to 15% with Romney at 22% and Perry at 21% leading the way.

We will also show Perry doing very well in Ohio and Wisconsin Republican polling that will be released later this week.

Full results here


Anonymous said...

If you drop Sarah Palin from your polls at the end of the month, who will you include instead of her ? Thad McCotter, Gary Johnson or Buddy Roemer ?

I think you recently wrote that Rick Santorum will replace Tim Pawlenty in your polling. Is this correct ?

Maybe you can create a poll so we can choose who is included ... ;-)

I Am Iron Man said...

Does it really matter re: McCotter, Johnson, Roemer? Those guys are going nowhere fast.

Perry's strong numbers once again indicate how little the average GOP voter likes Romney which spells trouble... because Romney will be the nominee.

Expungebob said...

And what about 2012's great spoiler, the man with potentially the best chance to steal disenchanted republicans and democrats away from the incumbent. The threat of someone like Ron Paul actually ending the American involvement in conflicts abroad and closing many of the hundreds of military bases the United States staffs around the globe must scare the piss out of the Military controlled mainstream republicans. Obama should be scared too because Ron Paul could steal voter who actually want to see the end of the war on drugs, the government out of marriage dealings, the lifting of the embargo on Cuba, the repeal of the Patriot Act, a return to the gold standard for US currency and reigned in government on all levels. He may not be perfect, but he has stuck to his principles for over 30 years in political office regardless of what the Republicrats thought of him. As a Medical Doctor, former Air Force surgeon, specialist in OB/GYN who has delivered over 4000 babies, author of almost a dozen novels and father of 5 children, few people anywhere in the country can claim to have the experience he does. I doubt the country has the wherewithal to see Paul for something more than a blacklisted libertarian but it's pure genius that he's running as a Republican this time around. Lord knows that America's fake democracy will never tolerate a third party, so changing the system from within is the only way. Props to Jon Stewart for broadcasting the only news worth watching and drawing attention to the media ban on all things Ron Paul. American sentiment is finally moving Ron Paul's way.....the primaries will be exciting to watch.

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