Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Civitas: First thoughts

According to the latest poll from Civitas support for President Bush among Tar Heel voters continues to fall. Bush’s approval rating fell to 36%, his lowest rating ever in a Civitas poll. 57% disapprove of the President, including 42% who strongly disapprove.

During the Civitas poll luncheon a consensus seemed to form that Bush is losing support among his Republican base, and that’s why his numbers continue to decline. One reason why is the recent immigration reform bill. A number of questions in the poll show that North Carolinians are very much against any form of perceived amnesty.

The Civitas poll also tested Congressman Brad Miller against Senator Elizabeth Dole. In a Senate race match-up Dole leads 46% to 31%. During the discussion, Republican consultant Ballard Everett was quick to note that Dole was under 50%; not a good sign for an incumbent.

The poll also found that most voters don’t know much, if anything, about Brad Miller. Miller had a favorable/unfavorable rating of 14/10, whit 38% with no opinion, and 38% unaware.

More on the Civitas poll later.

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