Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pollster Profile: MarketWise

Last month, the Charlotte Observer released a poll showing that Charlotte-Mecklenburg supported a potential school bond proposal. That survey was conducted by MarketWise.

MarketWise is a Charlotte based market research firm that started up in 1987. They provide phone surveys, research, and data analysis to businesses and other firms. They are tailored mostly to small-scale businesses in the private sector in the retail, financial, health care, and advertsing fields, but also do some government work.

The company doesn't appear to be very politically involved, as most of their government based research and polling is done for civic institutions and non-profits. MarketWises's two principals are Beverly Kothe and Dr. Nancy Burnap. Neither appear to have much political or campaign experience, which helps explain why the company is geared toward the private sector adn civics rather than political candidates.

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