Thursday, June 7, 2007

Itsabadidea strikes again

First, let me quote myself from late March when discussing the poll from the Stop the NC Home Tax campaign:

… I am interested to see how they described transfer taxes. I would bet the issue of a transfer tax was not described as an alternative to higher sales or property taxes, which is the reality of the situation for many counties. now has some of the poll results and the question wording available online. So how did they describe the transfer tax?

The General Assembly is considering the creation of a new tax that would charge 1% of the sales price to the seller as a real estate transfer tax. So, if you sold a two hundred thousand dollar home, you would have to pay two thousand dollars to the state government. Would you support or oppose the establishment of a state transfer tax on real estate?

That’s pretty much exactly as I predicted. The rest of the questions don’t get any better.

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Blue South said...

You should do a poll of actual pollsters:

"Are these questions a great example of how NOT to conduct a poll or the greatest example?"

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