Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Civitas Poll

The Civitas Institute issued a new poll today on the Presidential and statewide primaries as well as some health care issues. Here are some of the interesting results:

Bush Approval
17% Strongly Approve
20% Somewhat Approve
14% Somewhat Disapprove
46% Strongly Disapprove

NC Legislature Approval
45% Approve
38% Disapprove

Congress passing legislation setting a timetable for withdrawl from Iraq
57% Support
33% Oppose

Is global warming a threat to NC?
63% Yes
29% No

Most of the questions concerning health care are not worth mentioning because they're so ridculous. There will be more to come on this poll, including more commentary. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...


You may want to look in the mirror at some of the poll questions asked by your own organization and its clients.

The last poll you did for NC Policy Watch has some of the most ridiculously biased questions ever seen in polling.

People in glass houses...

Unknown said...

How very selective. Thanks for choosing the questions you thought were important, and omitting (even follow-up questions) you thought were 'ridiculous.' I can't wait to see what you'll say about the Policy Watch Poll. Your bias is positively goofy.

Anonymous said...

There is no bias in your Partnership poll either - none at all...

Unknown said...


Why was the following question not worth a mention?

"24. Former Speaker Jim Black gave over $350,000 to other candidates and elected officials. In light of Jim Black being sentenced to five years in prison on corruption charges by taking illegal payments for promoting legislation, should candidates who received money from him donate these funds to charity?

Yes 79%
No 12%
Not sure 9%"

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