Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Harris Poll: NC is the 4th best state to live in

This made me smile...a recent Harris Poll of 2,694 adults nationwide says that North Carolina is the fourth most desirable state to live in. North Carolina trails only California, Florida and Hawaii. Right behind North Carolina was Colorado, Texas, New York, Arizona and Oregon.


DrFrankLives said...

Let's hope they continue to admire us from afar.

I don't want to live in florida, either the original or some new version of it.

Anthony Palmer, Ph.D. said...

North Carolina seems like the most progressive Southern state (aside from Florida). That makes it appealing to young people, immigrants, and minorities in general. The Triangle area also offers lots of employment opportunities with all the universities nearby and Charlotte is obviously a major city in its own right that offers convenient access to Atlanta.

The only criticism I have of NC is its interstate highway system. Exactly how does one get from Charlotte to the beach? Seems like they need a lot more east-west routes.

I'll give you this much though. Compared to South Carolina (where I live now), you guys up north clearly have us beat!

Keep up the good work with your blog.

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