Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Raleigh City Elections Heat Up

Gary Pearce at Talking About Politics blogged about the tough race ahead for at-large Raleigh City Councilor Russ Stephenson. Pearce mentioned our initial polling on the race from July. I don't agree with his analysis, but I thought I should post the results again.

Candidates have begun spending money as flyers are beginning to show up in mailboxes. We will be polling again soon and it will be interesting to see how the race has changed.

Here are the results from July:

City Council at-large first choice (voters get two choices)

Stephenson 16%
Anderson 11%
Baldwin 7%
Best 3%
Tart 2%
Williams 1%
Undecided 60%

Second Choice

Anderson 7%
Stephenson 6%
Baldwin 5%
Tart 3%
Best 2%
Williams 2%
Undecided 75%

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