Tuesday, September 25, 2007

N&O City Election Coverage

I've always been critical of the coverage of local elections by the News & Observer. Too few articles and very rarely do they actually get to the root of the political issues at hand-- something that any Raleigh politico could explain in a few minutes. It reminds me a lot of the coverage of student body president campaigns in college. This morning was different, N&O reporter David Bracken gave us a rather interesting story about Raleigh Council at-large candidate Mary Ann Baldwin's battle with the blogosphere.

It got me thinking of why hadn't the N&O reported on our Raleigh City Council poll. Under the Dome reports on us all the time. Why not WakePol or Triangle Politics?

Well I got my answer a few minutes later. See this post in WakePol. Not exactly the answer I was looking for. Here is my response in the comments.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of polls or not, they are still news. And I think your readers would be very interested in the results. Not only do the polls tell you who is "winning" or "losing" but they tell you what the public is thinking on the issues at hand.

"Man on the street" interviews can only give you so much information, while public opinion polls gives you an accurate assessment of the attitudes of the entire population...

Thanks for the link David. If anyone wants a direct link to our poll, instead of trying to find it on our website, it's here.

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