Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cooper remains popular

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper's been under a lot of fire recently but it's not affecting his popularity- his net approval rating is superior to that of Richard Burr, Bev Perdue, Kay Hagan, and Barack Obama with voters in the state.

31% express support of the job Cooper's doing to only 19% who say they disapprove of him. Democrats with an opinion about him are pretty universally supportive at a 40/11 approval spread. Republican voters, despite the highly polarized political climate, break almost even in their feelings about Cooper with 22% approving and 26% disapproving. And even though North Carolina independents are tending to be very negative in their feelings toward Democrats right now, Cooper comes out slightly ahead with them at a 29/28 approval.

The 50% with no opinion of Cooper is a strong reminder that average voters pay no attention to the Council of State. That's been part of the problem for Elaine Marshall's Senate campaign, as she too has been plagued by low name recognition.

Either way Cooper's numbers stack up well to the other major politicians in the state:




Roy Cooper



Richard Burr



Kay Hagan



Bev Perdue



Barack Obama



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