Friday, October 8, 2010

New York Popularity Contest

We polled on the favorabilities of a bunch of prominent home state politicians in New York on our survey last weekend. Here's the hierarchy of how they did:

1) Hillary Clinton +23 (59/36) Clinton didn't have the most popularity with independents or across party lines. But the bulk of voters in New York are Democrats and she's pretty universally loved by them (82/12 favorability.)

2) Rudy Giuliani +16 (53/37) Giuliani does have the best numbers both with independents (58/29) and across party lines (29% of Democrats view him favorably). He's also even more popular with Republicans (87/10) than Hillary is with Democrats. But Republicans are a distinct minority in the state and that puts him in second.

3) Mario Cuomo +16 (51/35). They like the father better than his son, who posted a 49/39 favorability on our poll earlier this week. His numbers follow the same pattern as Hillary's- Democrats like him a lot, independents narrowly like him, only about a quarter of Republicans do.

4) Michael Bloomberg +6 (43/37) Although Bloomberg is portrayed as the great independent he's actually not unusually unpopular with them. They only narrowly give him positive reviews by a 40/35 spread. His greatest popularity is with Democrats at 53/27 and his favorability with Republicans, at 28%, isn't any better than Hillary's.

5) George Pataki +2 (39/37) Pataki's numbers even within his own party are pretty tepid at 60/23, especially when you compare them to Giuliani's. Independents view him positively only by a narrow margin and Democrats go against him by a 2:1 margin.

Full results here

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