Thursday, February 3, 2011

Question Suggestions

The winners of this week's vote on where to poll were Colorado and New Mexico.

With no 2012 Senate or Governor race we really have some flexibility when it comes to the Colorado poll. If there are any questions related to the 2012 Presidential race that you think might be interesting for a future national poll this would be a good place for a test run. Any suggestions in that vein or more specifically related to Colorado would be appreciated.

Coming up with the content for the New Mexico poll will not be very difficult. We're going to test Jeff Bingaman and two Democratic alternatives in the case he retires against Heather Wilson, Gary Johnson, and another Republican. We're open to your thoughts on who the alternative Democrats and the third Republican should be.

Thanks as always for the good ideas.


Anonymous said...

Job approval for Republicans in state legislature.

Job approval for Democrats in state legislature.

Obama vs. Romney
Obama vs. Palin

Economy right track/wrong track.

Anonymous said...

Colorado would be a good place to test specific questions on immigration: DREAM Act support, comprehensive reform, mass deportation, etc.

Anonymous said...

A cool what-if might be to do a 2010 redux, Hickenlooper vs. Jane Norton, to see how much better Republicans might have done if they had a real candidate.

Anonymous said...

Drug war / legalization. Particularly as pertains to Mexican relations.

MilesC56 said...

For New Mexico, the obvious other 2 Dems would be Heinrich and Lujan.

wwmiv said...

Colorado is a great place to gauge support for legislation and policy:

DREAM Act, Tax Reform, Alternative Energy, Drug Legalization, Infrastructure Bank, etc.

Colorado would also be a good place to test more match-ups against Obama than normal. Huntsman (especially since he's from neighboring Utah), Barbour, and a few others against him would be nice.

New Mexico:

The two other Democrats should be Heinrich and Lujan or Denish. The third Republican should be Steven Pearce.

I assume that you'll also be testing Johnson against Obama as your usual "favorite son" candidate?

Anonymous said...

Ask Coloradans about education reform! Curious what my neighbors think about teacher tenure and all that jazz as more governors, Obama take on reform and after the state legislature took it on last year.

Jeff said...

For alternate New Mexico Democrats: Attorney General Gary King and Heinrich. For the third Republican I'd go with Secretary of State Dianna Duran.

Unknown said...

Would love to see the pole in New Mexico.

Julio said...

Test Pearce, Heinrich and Richardson in NM.

In CO, I'd like to see approvals rating for the senators and the governor. You could ask Obama vs. Generic republican only to see if colorado is officialy a "leaning dem." state or if a good GOPer has the advantadge over a democrat.

Anonymous said...

Please ask in both states if voters want to abolish the Electoral College and elect the POTUS by National Popular Vote.

wwmiv said...

I second the national popular vote question.

Anonymous said...

Why do you need a third? Doesn't the corporate media, wealth, an outside cronyism pick the winners these days?

Gary Johnson was one of the best governors for NM, ever. I'd run if he doesn't... I just need the bus fare from Alamogordo to ABQ. Takers? Supporters?

Anonymous said...

Governor Susana Martinez job approval

Unknown said...

There are three voters that will be important. The Obama voter who voted Republican in 2010. The Obama voter who didn't vote in 2010. New voters.

If everyone who voted for Obama in 2008 voted for him again he'd win. You could find out this info anywhere.

I don't think it's a good idea to poll the DREAM Act unless that's a specific goal of yours. Most people probably don't know what it is and any explanation would likely be lengthy and partisan.

Anonymous said...

On CO ask about the what they thought about Pres Obama's citing a Denver school in the SOTU.

In the 5th, test if Lamborn is weak for a primary challenge. Jeff Crank and he have been at it for years.

I would also be curious if they know much about Tim Gill and if their view is positive or negative.

Anonymous said...

It is the state with Colorado Springs, ask about church attendance.

Anonymous said...

In NM: ask if Governor Susana Martinez is presidential material.

Anonymous said...

Will you also be polling Bingaman against the others in the case he does not retire?

Either way, I think Pearce makes a good third Republican and Heinrich and Lujan for the Democrats.

Dustin Ingalls said...

"In the 5th, test if Lamborn is weak for a primary challenge. Jeff Crank and he have been at it for years."

We're not doing individual congressional districts.

"Will you also be polling Bingaman against the others in the case he does not retire?"

Of course. We'll do every permutation, so three Republicans x three Democrats = 9 total matchups.

Anonymous said...

I think Ron Paul needs to be tested as a 3rd party.

The Interesting Times said...

Polling the 2012 Republican Presidential primary again would be useful.

I'd like to see if Huckabee is gaining on Romney in the west like he is in other parts of the country.

Anonymous said...

Martin heinrich as the democrat and Steve Pearce as the republican.

Anonymous said...

Democrats to test in New Mexico:
Martin Heinrich
Ben Lujan

Favorability of John Suthers. He is a likely Republican candidate (currently the AG) to run statewide at some point. He is also suing as it relates to Obama's health plan.

More energy production or a cleaner environment?

Anonymous said...

For NM-Sen test Heinrich, Lujan and Richardson as democrats. I would like too Johnson for senate and for president (both). And it would be very interesting to check Martinez against these democrats.

For Colorado I would like see the favorables for Ken Salazar, Udall, Hickenlooper, Bennet, Allard, Coffman, Suthers and Owens.

Matt said...

In New Mexico, I say Heinrich and Lujan (though State Auditor Hector Balderas would be interesting).

Among the GOP, Steve Pearce seems an obvious choice, but I'd like to see DA Matt Chandler tested as well. The state GOP is really enthusiastic about Chandler even though he lost the race for AG this last year.

As for other topics in New Mexico, I'd like to see thoughts on medical marijuana (which Susana Martinez opposes), reinstating the death penalty (which Martinez wants to do) and thoughts on questioning the immigration status of all criminal suspects (as Martinez ordered this week).

Maybe some state budget questions as well. Like raising taxes vs. cutting spending.

Anonymous said...


Their legislative leadership is weighing civil unions.

Would love to see polling on civil unions generally, but it is a current topic in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about either state, but:

I wonder about Richardson as a dem in NM. He passed it over in 08, but I wonder how he would do.

For Colorado:
Should gays be allowed to marry?
Is global warming real?
Should the DREAM Act be passed?
And just for kicks: Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl, Pittsburg or Green Bay?

NRH said...

For almost any state:
"Do you approve of the job [party] are doing in the state legislature?"

It won't get race-by-race local details, but it would give some interesting indicators of how well the local government is liked.

Anonymous said...

For the other Republican, I'd do LG John Sanchez. For Dems, Martin Heinrich, obviously. And maybe Diane Denish?

Anonymous said...

For some states you should start asking if they favor or oppose legalizing internet poker (so they can make some $)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see how voters think Susana Martinez is doing as governor.
The alternative Republican could be Lt Gov John Sanchez, or Seceretary of State Dianna Duran. The Democrat could be Congressman Martin Heinrich.

Dustin Ingalls said...

"Polling the 2012 Republican Presidential primary again would be useful."

We do it in every state.

Anonymous said...

For Colorado:

Issues right now:

-Approval of medical marijuana dispensaries (would you vote "no" on medical marijuana today?)
- Civil Unions/gay marriage
- Church attendance


-Marijuana legalization on the ballot
- Pro-life v. pro-choice


Mike Coffman vs. Mark Udall (Senate)
John Suthers vs. John Hickenlooper (governor)

The Interesting Times said...

Dustin Ingalls,

Did you do the Presidential primary in South Dakota? Has it been released yet? Did I miss the release?

Anonymous said...


What are the top issues in this community? What percentage consider themselves, Dem/Rep/Ind? Which candidates fare better among this constituency?

Anonymous said...

In 2012 U.S. Senate election in New Mexico, there are already two announced Republican candidates, both are failed New Mexico's 2nd congressional district candidates: conservative activist Bill English and businessman Greg Sowards. Other New Mexican Republicans worth checking are former U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson, PR firm owner and failed 2010 Republican primary gubernatorial candidate Doug Turner and incumbent Lt. Gov. John Sanchez

Anonymous said...

Will all the news about 2012 DNC being held in Charlotte as a way to win North Carolina's vote, wonder if Coloradoans today will say that having the 2008 DNC in Denver influenced their presidential vote?

toto said...

A survey of 800 Colorado voters conducted on December 21-22, 2008 showed 68% overall support for a national popular vote for President.

Support was 79% among Democrats, 56% among Republicans, and 70% among independents.

By age, support was 83% among 18-29 year olds, 59% among 30-45 year olds, 71% among 46-65 year olds, and 66% for those older than 65.

By gender, support was 77% among women and 58% among men.


A survey of 800 New Mexico voters conducted on December 16-17, 2008 showed 76% overall support for a national popular vote for President.

Support was 84% among Democrats, 64% among Republicans, and 68% among independents.

By age, support was 73% among 18-29 year olds, 73% among 30-45 year olds, 78% among 46-65 year olds, and 76% for those older than 65.

By gender, support was 84% among women and 66% among men.

chad said...

in both NM and CO:
favor/oppose same-sex marriage
favor/oppose civil unions

Anonymous said...

Test Udall in 2014 early against some GOPers. Test him against Tom Tancredo, Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner, and Scott Tipton.

Matt said...

I'd say Heinrich and Lujan are the two obvious Democrats to test, but I think that Hector Balderas (popular state auditor) would be a good one to test as well. Maybe bump Heinrich for him.

On the Republican side, testing Gary Johnson won't tell us much. He's running for president, and I doubt will ever run for Senate. Heather Wilson, Steve Pearce and DA Matt Chandler (who lost the AG's race but a lot of Republicans in the state are looking at him as a strong contender for statewide office in the future) would be good to test.

People are also saying that Tom Mullins (former GOP candidate in the 3rd Congressional District) is a possibility to run, but I can't see him gaining much traction statewide.

On other questions in New Mexico, I'd ask about giving drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants, medical marijuana, death penalty and cutting education vs. raising taxes to balance the budget.

Anonymous said...

marijuana legalization for adults: candidate in favor vs. candidate opposed.

Anonymous said...

Do you approve or disapprove of the way your state has handle medical marijuana?

Would you support an intiative legalizing and taxing marijuana for all adults?

Anonymous said...

A question to determine support for/against rail along I-70 from Denver to mountain communities and high-speed rail connecting Denver to other regional cities: Dallas, Phoenix, Kansas City, etc.

A question to determine support for/against changing participation in Western Climate Initiative from formal observer to participant, provided pollees are informed about costs of inaction as well as action.

Anonymous said...

For Colorado poll on how many people are considering switching to independent or Green Party after our last primary.

Anonymous said...

I'd like polling in Colorado on whether people support universal access to health care, including an opt-in system for insurance not tied to your current employer, especially for independent contractors and small businesses.

Diogenes' Lamp said...

It would be good to try to hone in on what folks would actually be willing to support with increases in taxes. This may provide some small maneuvering room to try to increase what we can do to make improvements in specific, limited areas.

Anonymous said...

For Colorado:

Civil Unions vs. gay marriage

Anonymous said...

Please poll on Westerners' appetite for reasonable gun control, like banning non-hunting, non-handgun assault weapons/magazines post-Giffords; In Colorado, please ask, for what efforts would you support raising the sales tax one-half a percent... education, roads, healthcare, prisons, elderly, children...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know where most people get their political news from. We need to be able to target those groups/sites that provide the most accurate and factual information. However, I'm not sure how to specifically target this info. Websites, newspapers, television is too general.

Jim Smith said...

There will be a ballot measure in the Denver metro area to increase the RTD sales tax by up to 0.4% to fund more rapid completion of the already voter-approved light rail network around Denver.

Also, do metro area voters approve of extending the tolled beltway all the way to Golden as the Jeffco Commissioners are pushing, or do they see this as a waste of public funds and an inhibitor of improving local arterials under non-compete provisions common with toll roads?

Anonymous said...

For Colorado:
Poll on the support for relaxing or strengthening the rules regulating the natural gas industry, especially drilling methods that impact the drinking water supply in colorado.

Reuben Espinosa said...

CO has one of the highest % of boomers in the U.S. It is also a political swing state. I would like to see a generic question:

Which political party do you think is doing a better job on the economy?

Frances FrainAguirre said...

What would you suggest be done to eliminate corporation control of our government of the people, by the people and for the people? Corporations own us and our government. How does this get changed?

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