Wednesday, April 27, 2011

State fans ambivalent toward Gottfried

Most North Carolina State fans are having the same reaction to the Mark Gottfried hire: yawn.

63% of self identified Wolfpack partisans have no opinion about their new basketball coach. Gottfried is at least resonating well with those who are ready to take a side- 27% think he was a good hire to just 10% who think bringing him in was a bad decision. If you grade it on a curve State fans are excited about Gottfried- a poll we did of Georgia Tech fans late last month found only 14% of fans happy about the Brian Gregory hire to 7% who were unhappy and 79% with no opinion. Still 63% with no opinion at State makes it hard to classify as a buzz inducing hire.

Athletic Director Debbie Yow took a fair amount of heat for how she handled the coaching search but she remains in extremely good standing with the Pack fan base. 53% of them approve of the job she's doing to only 6% who disapprove, numbers that any of North Carolina's politicians would die to have.

State fans may like Yow but there's still a fair amount of division about whether firing Lowe was the right decision or not. 33% say they agree in retrospect with the decision to let him go, while 26% think he should have been retained. In February only 27% of Wolfpack partisans wanted Lowe to be fired, compared to 29% who wanted him to stay so there has at least been a 9 point net movement in favor of the decision to fire him over the last couple months.

There's not a lot of excitement about the Gottfried hire but these numbers show State fans are at least willing to give him a chance.

Full results here

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