Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Massachusetts Sports Poll

Massachusetts' favorite professional sports team is the Red Sox...but its favorite coach is Bill Belichick.

45% of people in the state say the Red Sox are their favorite team with the Patriots finishing a distant second at 24%. The Celtics are at 11% despite being the most historically successful of the franchises and even as they make a run toward the Stanley Cup the Bruins finish last at 8%.

The Red Sox's lead in the popularity contest is particularly pronounced among women, 51-19. Men prefer them to the Patriots by only a 37-30 margin.

As popular as the Red Sox are Terry Francona can't stack up to Belichick in Bay State voters' hearts. 37% say the Patriots coach is their favorite to 26% for the Red Sox skipper, 18% for Celtics coach Doc Rivers, and just 5% for Bruins coach Claude Julien.

Interestingly Francona actually leads Belichick 30-28 among Democrats. But Belichick is up 47-27 with Republicans and and 43-21 with independents. Maybe that's a direction the GOP should look in if it ever needs a Senate or Gubernatorial candidate once Belichick has left football...if he ever leaves football.

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Anonymous said...

Except that Belichick is a Democrat. So are Tom Brady and Robert Kraft.

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