Thursday, June 16, 2011

North Carolina against Ryan plan and raising debt ceiling

While Republicans may hope that NY-26 is just a fluke and that they can salvage the Ryan Medicare plan in the court of public opinion, North Carolina, a key presidential swing state, has turned decidedly against it. When provided with a neutral description of a Ryan plan like proposal, 24% come out in support of the proposal to 47% who come out in opposition. Unsurprisingly, Democrats are least supportive, -44(17-61). However, as most Republican presidential candidates scramble to come out in support of the Ryan plan, it is not particularly popular among Republicans either. Only a bare plurality supports the proposal, +2(35-33).

While Medicare appears to be a winning issue for Democrats, raising the debt ceiling is not. When presented with common arguments for and against raising the debt ceiling, only 31% of North Carolinians support increasing the ceiling compared to 49% who are opposed. Republicans are quite united in their opposition, opposing raising the ceiling -61(11-72). On the other hand, Democrats are more divided and only support raising the ceiling +15(46-31). If congressional Democrats are to succeed in raising the debt ceiling, it is doubtful that they will be able to rely on the public for support.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that the GOP is intent on giving us NC in the next election with their embrace of the Ryan budget and their veto override of the NC budget to slash state schools and planned parenthood.

No wonder Obama continues to poll well down here even when his numbers in other states have dropped.

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