Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Voting time...

We'll do two state polls this weekend. Your choices are:

-Florida. Time to take a fresh look at the Republican primary there in the post-Huckabee landscape. Obviously a critical general election state as well. As I've said repeatedly I think this is the most overrated Senate race in the country with Bill Nelson not nearly as vulnerable as the conventional wisdom but of course we'll still take a look at it.

-Montana. It's kind of amazing that we're coming up on seven months since the last time we polled the state given its highly competitive Senate race, open seats for House and Governor, and relative swing status in the last Presidential election.

-New Mexico. We have not taken a look at the state since Jeff Bingaman announced his retirement- should be interesting to see how things are looking in both Senate primaries and in the general election. We'll look at President obviously too but this is one place where I think it will be a while before the GOP is competitive again.

-Pennsylvania. We found really brutal numbers for Obama there in early April, pre-bin Laden, including a small deficit in a head to head with Mitt Romney. Interesting to see if things still look as gloomy for him there.

-Texas. We haven't polled there since the start of the year- curious to see if folks are any warmer toward a Rick Perry Presidential bid than they were in January and also to check in on the Senate race and see if that's looking any more winnable for Democrats than it did 5 months ago.

Voting's open for the next 24 hours, don't cheat


Statistikhengst said...

I recommend NM and PA.

Anonymous said...

Quinnipiac will release a 2012 poll for Pennsylvania today, so voting for this state is useless in my opinion.


I´d like to see Montana and Florida polled.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Quinnipiac released a poll, but did not included head to head vs. Casey and showed a somewhat competitive race with Romney vs Obama. So I don't agree it's worthless to poll.

- Pat

strategoi said...

Is it possible to see where non-US residents give their votes to in the polls? thanks!

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